This amazing ingredient is used for different medicinal purposes in the last 12.000 years. It is fermented juice that is made of crushed apples. It contains many minerals and vitamins from the apples that have been used for making the drink.

Some of them are:
– Vitamin B2
– Vitamin C
– Vitamins B1
– Vitamin B6
– Folic acid
– Sodium
– Biotin
– Phosphorous
– Calcium
– Pantothenic acid
– Niacin
– Potassium
– Magnesium
– Citric and acetic Acid
– Some pectin
– Iron

Include apple cider in your everyday diet and you will have positive influence over your entire health.
You can use it for salad dressings, different meals and mayonnaise as well.

Many people use water or other beverage to dilute it. The recommended average intake is 1 to 2 tablespoons. Two tablespoons of this amazing drink, taken in one glass of water, two times daily can cure flu, common cold and cancer. It can also help you to lose excess pounds and it can be used for treating scars and wounds.
4 things that you can learn from consuming this drink

1. Our body can effectively use iron from the foods that we eat when it is accompanied by this amazing drink. The iron release is helped by the acid in the apple cider vinegar. Iron is very important component of myoglobin and hemoglobin. They are in charge for oxygen carrying to all cells in our body and we all know that oxygen is crucial for burning calories and transforming them in energy that afterwards is used by our body.

2. This drink can help people who have diabetes and pre-diabetes* as well and it helps for regulation of blood sugar and insulin level. It can reduce insulin and blood glucose responses. Only two tablespoons of this drink before going to bed can help you to reduce the blood sugar level by 4%.

3. Different studies suggest that this drink could help you to reduce your calorie intake and burn more calories in order to get more energy. This means that you will lose weight.

If you eat a lot of carbohydrates combined with apple cider vinegar the feeling of fullness will be increased. Studies have shown that by drinking this mixture you will consume 200-275 less during the day.
Another study conducted among obese people showed that consuming vinegar every day can reduce stomach fat, help with weight loss and reduce blood triglycerides. The study lasted 12 weeks.

We present you the results:
•1 tbsp., 2.6 pounds were lost
•2 tbsp., 3.7 pounds were lost

You will be healthier and by gradually losing weight it will be easier for you to maintain it.

4. Chinese people drink apple cider vinegar to lower the risk of esophageal cancer. Some recent researches show that this drink can also prevent other types of cancer.
When you want to eliminate cancer naturally you have to make your body alkaline. Apple cider vinegar can help you to have alkaline pH level. You can also drink it mixed with baking soda. This will lower the bicarbonates that are produced by the pancreas. This method will oxygenate and alkalize your body and the environment will be hostile to cancer.

Other benefits of this drink:
– Soothes pain and leg cramps
– Calms your stomach
– Slows digestion
– Soothes sore throat
– Calms pain caused by arthritis
– Helps with sinus problems
– Reduces high blood pressure
– Fights and prevents infections
– Improves circulation
– Helps with osteoporosis
– Soothes and fights acne
– Prevents infections and soothes bites
– Prevents and treats dandruff
– Fights against different vaginal infections
– Varicose Veins
– Hives
– Hiccups
– Nose bleed
– Hot flashes
– Eczema
– Tinnitus
– Nail fungus
– Morning sickness
– Insomnia
– Muscular cramp
– Diarrhea
– Ear infection
– Nail Fungus
– Jelly Fish Stings
– Corns
– Diaper rash
– Chronic fatigue
– Cataracts
– Peptic ulcer
– Asthma
– Chicken pox
– Bladder infection
– Aging
– Head lice
– Gallbladder disorder
– Dizziness
– Age spots
– Heat exhaustion
– Kidney disease
– Kidney stones
– Liver disease
– Impetigo
– Food poisoning
– Swimmers ear
– Gout
– Moles
– Pet sickness
– Night sweats
– Cough
– Cuts
– Warts
– Flatulence
– Menstrual issues
– Yeats infection
– Athletes foot
– Constipation
– Headaches
– Hair loss
– Moles
– Burns
– Poison-Ivy
– Flu
– Common cold
– Hemorrhoids
– Burns
– Cancer sores

*If you take some medications for lowering blood sugar, consult with your doctor before you increase the intake of apple cider vinegar.