Tess Christian is 51 and she has not smiled for 41 years. The reason is wrinkles. She believes she stayed young-looking because she has not smiled for almost her entire life.


This woman has no wrinkles and she trained herself to control her facial muscles. She has never used Botox and she believes she has no wrinkles because she has not smiled since she was a teenager.

She believes that her determination is worth the effort, as she doesn’t have a single wrinkle on her face. This woman wants to stay young and according to her, her strategy is more natural than Botox and more effective than the expensive creams and treatments.

This woman is happy and loves life. She only doesn’t show that on her face. This woman had not even smiled when her daughter was born.

According to dermatologists, Tess’s technique is effective against aging, as wrinkles appear due to the constant squashing of the facial muscles, which affects the connective tissue under the skin.

If the facial expressions are reduced to a minimum, it is less likely to have wrinkles. Botox acts in the same manner, reducing the activity of the muscles. However, it is difficult to control laughter.

On the other side, psychologists state that laughter is very important for the mental health. With smiling the happy hormone called serotonin is released. It makes us feel well. Lack of laughter has the opposite effect.