Most of the women choose surgery rather than trying the homemade remedies. We provided you a list of plants that can help you to get bigger breasts.


One of the most effective is the fenugreek. It originates in Greece and you can find it in many herbal pharmacies. Put it in water. It should stay there overnight and then you can use the water to massage your breasts.

Greater burdock is the second plant that can help you with your problem. You should consume it so your blood flow that goes in your breast tissue will enhance and it will help you with the reproductive organs as well.

We all know that funnel is used for reducing colic in babies. This plant is also full of photoanethole, anethole and dianethole all of which help in increasing of the estrogen in our bodies. The phytoestrogens are also part of this plant and it is known that they help in stimulating breast growth and production of milk.

The Chinese herb anis also helps in getting bigger breasts, so this is the fourth plant that you should start using.

The last herb comes from Thailand and it is called Pueraira Mirfica. It is an ingredient that can be found in many anti-aging products. But it is also use as an ingredient for many products, including creams and pills for breast growth.

And the last one is licorice; which has the same effects as the fennel.