Back pain can be a result of both active and sedentary lifestyle. Stretching and exercises can provide a great relief for the pain and for stiffness, aches and spasms.


These 9 stretches will take you just nine minutes but they will be of great help to maintain the back fit and strong.

You should do these stretches every day, however if you feel pain during any of them stop!

1. Knee hugs

Bring one knee towards the chest, hold this position for a couple of seconds and return it slowly. Repeat this with the other leg.

2. Knee rolling

Lie on the back and draw the feet towards the buttocks. Let both legs drop to one side and then bring them back to the beginning position and repeat on the opposite side.

3. Sidebending (1)

Stand on a firm surface and run one hand down the leg, bending the spine sideways. Make sure not to bend forwards or twist around.

4. Sidebending (2)

Stand on a firm surface and lean against a wall. Move your pelvis towards the wall and hold this position. Return the pelvis to the beginning position bending your spine.

5. Cat stretching

Take the crawling position, tuck your head in and arch the back. Slowly bring the bottom forwards. Then, push your head back, return the back to the initial position and slowly bring your bottom to the initial position.

6. Rotation

Put your hands behind the beginning of the neck. Put the feet towards your buttock and slowly touch the left elbow with the right knee. Put the elbows back to the initial position and do this on the opposite side.

7. Abdominal exercise

Support your legs by bending your knees on a chair. Interlock your fingers behind the neck and do a sit up bringing the elbows towards the knees. You don’t have to touch them.

8. Abdominal sides

Lie on the back, and arch the back, pushing the buttocks down. Stay in this position a little and relax the back. Then slightly lift the buttocks, pushing the back down to reduce the arch.

9. Buttocks walking

Sit on the floor and swing on side of the pelvis forward and then do this with the other side. Use your feet and hands for support. This will give a walking movement.