Studies show that the number of people suffering from esophageal cancer is increasing and moreover, the number is expected to increase by 140% in 2025.

The primary reason for this is that its symptoms are usually similar to usual conditions like difficulties swallowing and acid reflux. So, doctors warn us to be wary of the potential symptoms of esophageal cancer, in order to avoid such devastating consequences.

Sadly, Jay Rensberger was among those patients. He refused to visit the doctor’s office even though he was having acid reflux for a long time until his wife finally made him go. First, he tried solving the problem by using drugs, but because his condition worsened, doctors suggested an endoscopy.

Endoscopy examines the gastrointestinal tract and esophagus. Furthermore, esophageal cancer is 4 times more likely in men, rather than in women.

The results showed that he was suffering from esophagus cancer which was surgically removed right away. Fortunately, Jay’s life was saved just because he discovered the cancer on time.

Esophagus cancer is rarely discovered on time, because the symptoms, such as acid reflux and difficulties swallowing, are hard to link to the disease. As a consequence, the death rate in such cases is high and just 20% of the people survive.

Still, you shouldn’t panic if you only have problems with acid reflux, according to Doctor Michael Sprang from the Illinois Medical University.

If your problems with acid reflux don’t recede after taking therapy, you should visit your doctor in order to schedule an endoscopy.