Our health is significantly affected by the pH balance in the body.

The pH levels should be around or 7.4 – in the alkaline range.

Thus, having an alkaline diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables rich in nutrients will help you maintaining your health and normal body functions.

The list we offer consists of alkaline foods that can help you maintain healthy pH levels in the body, and therefore fight even against severe conditions, like cancer, diabetes, inflammation and heart diseases:

Olive Oil

-Extra virgin olive oil has a great vitamin E content as well as monosaturated fats and it’s highly alkaline.

Flax Seeds

-They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in vitamin E and fiber.


-They eliminate the toxins from your body and keep it hydrated.

Swiss Chard

-Swiss chard has powerful antiviral, antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and is a highly alkaline food.


-They are among the healthiest foods, and are also loaded with antioxidants and fiber.

This list contains alkaline foods that need to be incorporated in the diet:

Alkalizing protein

• Almonds
• Tofu
• Millet
• Tempeh
• Chestnuts

Alkalizing fruits

• Watermelon
• Figs
• Apple
• Grapes
• Tomato
• Tropical Fruits
• Lemon
• Dates
• Tangerine
• Avocado
• Pineapple
• Apricot
• Coconut
• Banana
• Grapes
• Orange
• Lime

Alkalizing vegetables

• Tomatoes
• Carrot
• Been Greens
• Cabbage
• Onions
• Eggplant
• Spinach
• Sprouts
• Green peas
• Mushrooms
• Mustard Greens
• Rutabaga
• Celery
• Wild Greens
• Wheat Grass
• Beets
• Garlic
• Dandelions
• Broccoli
• Cucumber
• Peas
• Spirulina
• Parsnips
• Green Beans
• Chlorella
• Cauliflower
• Alfalfa
• Sea veggies
• Barley Grass
• Collard Green

Alkalizing seasonings and spices

• Curry
• Tamari
• Chili pepper
• Ginger
• Cinnamon
• Mustard

Other types of alkalizing foods

• Mineral water
• Green juices
• Molasses
• Veggie Juices
• Bee pollen
• Apple cider
• Probiotic Cultures