Allium ursinum also known as wild onion and onion has white flowers and shiny green leaves with spear-like shape that grown from the oval shaped bulbs, in a white transparent shell. It can grow up to 40 cm. It has a specific odor, similar to the smell of garlic. It grows in moist meadows and shady moist fertile plains, under shrubs in deciduous and mountain forests.

When and how to harvest

The leaves can be healing and they should be harvested in April and May, before the plant blooms, and the underground bulbs should be collected in late summer and autumn, before making seeds. By drying it you can lose its healing properties, so tinctures and wine are perfect ways for using it throughout the year.

Fresh wild onion can be stored in the refrigerator for about ten days. WARNING: be careful when you pick them as you can mistake them with the poisonous autumn crocus or lily of the valley as they have similar leaves.

What can be cure with it?

Wild garlic lowers blood pressure and reduces the amount of lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol. It improves blood circulation, has a beneficial effect on the heart, prevents infection and accelerates wound healing. It helps with colds, protects against atherosclerosis and helps in problems with peptic ulcers.

It is effective against intestinal parasites in children, and stimulates the stomach and intestines. It also helps the elimination of excess mucus from the lungs, thus enabling easier breathing and coughing. WARNING: People using medications to reduce blood clotting should not be used to simultaneously and wild garlic.

Tincture of bulbs

Clean wild garlic bulbs (250-300 grams). In a wide and ceramic bowl add one deciliter of brandy and add one by one bulb. Immediately smash them using a wooden spoon as they should not oxidize and be in contact with air. Once they are smashed, transfer them in a dark bowl and add 9 dl of brandy. Leave the bowl closed for 2 weeks and keep it on a room temperature on a dark place and mix it on a regular basis and in the end strain it with gauze.

Keep it closed in the fried. It is recommended to use it for reducing blood pressure and hardening of the blood clots. You should take it 2 times daily (in the morning and in the evening) and drink 1 tablespoon (10-20 drops along with 1 dl of cold or lukewarm (not hot) milk.

Tincture of leaves

Grind 200 grams of wild garlic leaves and cover them with brandy or other high-quality brandy, and immediately close the bottle and let it to sit for 20 days, with occasional stirring. Then strain it into a dark bottle and store in a dark place. It should be taken just like the tincture of the same bulbs.


A handful of finely chopped leaves should be boiled in 2.5 dl of white wine and, when cool, you should sweeten it with honey. It is extremely effective for coughing, especially in older people. It can be drunk during the day, sip by sip.