Coconut oil is extremely popular as hair oil around the world. But, before you begin using it for its numerous beneficial functions, you should probably find out why it is so special, and why so many people choose to apply it.

A lot of people that live in coastal areas around the world, particularly in the regions where coconuts grow know that this sweet smelling oil is the best hair oil. These areas include Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Burma, Malaysia, some parts of the Caribbean and the Philippines.

Coconut oil contains fats, minerals and vitamins which are extremely good for the body. But, coconut oil is not used exclusively for hair; it is also used for the preparation of cosmetic creams and soaps, and in some Asian countries, it is used for making various kinds of salads and other types of food.

Coconut oil was used as hair oil for ages, and it has proved to be very remarkable. Some components of this oil keep the hair nourished, strong as well as protected from premature aging, including excessive hair loss and baldness.

Let’s see what are the benefits for your hair and which components this oil are responsible for them!

Benefits of Coconut Oil for your Hair

Hair Loss: This oil is used for centuries in India for nourishing the hair. Numerous remedies were made using coconut oil and herbs in order to prevent excessive hair loss. One of these remedies can be made today as well, by boiling some sage leaves in a bowl of coconut oil.

This combination can be applied on the scalp for improving the health of your hair, and its usage will prevent hair loss as well.

Putting a mixture of coconut oil and lime water can also prevent hair loss, just like the mixture of gooseberries and coconut oil. Boil gooseberries in the coconut oil and put this mixture on your hair.

Damaged Hair: Coconut oil also helps reduce protein loss in damaged and undamaged hair. This oil is very rich in lauric acid that has a great affinity for protein and it also easily penetrates in the hair shaft as a result of the small molecular weight. You can use coconut oil for post-wash or pre-wash grooming.

You can also use coconut oil serum to renew and repair your damaged hair.

Cooling Properties: Using coconut oil on the scalp and head also has a cooling impact. It has the ability to cool down and ease people who have hot heads, or people who are suffering from severe sweating on the scalp.

Moisture Retention: This oil has a great capacity to retain moisture, because it can’t easily break down or evaporate, and it it very stable. Coconut oil doesn’t let the moisture escape, keeping your hair soft and moist, which prevents its breaking and damaging.

Hair Conditioning: This oil is a much better hair conditioner than any other store-bought one that you can find on the market. Using warm coconut oil can help you keep your hair soft and shimmering. Apply warm coconut oil before bed and wash it down the next morning. You can repeat this every couple of days for conditions, healthy and strong hair.

Anti-Dandruff: The numerous fatty acids found in coconut oil can serve as efficient anti-dandruff agents and are much better than any other anti-dandruff shampoo that you can buy. Regular use of coconut oil can aid you in the fight against the boring dandruff.

Lukewarm water and coconut and castor oil can effectively treat dandruff. Massage your hair and scalp with this mixture for the best results.

You can make another anti-dandruff home remedy by combining sesame oil and coconut oil. Apply the mixture and let it stay for about half an hour and then shampoo your hair.

Styling: Coconut oil is also amazing styling oil as well, since it melts when it’s warm and condenses when it cools down. Thus, when you put coconut oil on the hair, it becomes thin and evenly spreads from the heat of your scalp.

Soon, as your hair comes into contact with the air, the oil condenses, and works as a great styling cream or gel.

Lice Protection: Lice are common pests that can be found in the hair and are a real embarrassment for anyone. They have a tendency to return all the time. There are numerous chemical products that you can find on the market for the elimination of lice, but sadly, they can also cause damage on the hair and scalp because of their strong chemical ingredients.

Combing your hair with a fine comb while it’s wet is a good option for eliminating lice but this too may damage your wet hair. But, if you apply coconut oil on wet hair, it will be much easier to comb it and the get rid of the lice.

Treating Dry Hair: People who have dry hair that is thin and rough can really struggle with taking a good care of their hair. But, choosing strong hair products for conditioning, cleansing and toning may result in flaky scalp and dry hair. Coconut oil is an efficient product for treating dry hair.

Hair Toning: Also coconut oil helps tone the hair, particularly if you are having dry hair. Put a warm combination of lavender oil and coconut oil on your scalp at night before bed, and then wash your hair in the morning. You can repeat this process as many times as you want until you achieve the desired results.

Conditioning: You can easily prepare an amazing hair conditioner at home with coconut oil. It’s not only efficient; it also doesn’t have any side effects. Combine coconut oil with some henna and warm milk to create a paste. Put this mixture on the hair and let it stay for 20 minutes and rinse your hair thoroughly. This natural hair conditioner is extremely effective, especially if you are having dry hair.

Boils: Many people experience a condition called scalp boils, especially in winter. Also, this may happen if you are exposed to direct sunlight or heat for a longer period of time. It’s very important to maintain both the scalp and hair clean, and to occasionally massage the hair with a combination of coconut and olive oil which may provide you a relief from the unsightly and uncomfortable problem of scalp boils. But, if your problem persists, contact your doctor.

Split Ends: If you have a lot split ends, it’s generally recommended to trim them, but if this problem appears on a smaller number of hair strands, you can use a simple home remedy to solve your problem. Massage the hair with a combination of almond oil and coconut oil for a couple of minutes; this will help you minimize the number of split ends.

Baldness and Gray Hair: Coconut oil is beneficial for preventing gray hair and baldness. Mix Eclipta Alba or Bhringraj leaf juice in coconut oil and put this mixture on the hair and scalp.

Coconut oil is easily available on the market. A lot of people choose the odorless type, use it for all hair conditions, and obtain all the benefits for healthy hair!