Natural ingredients are considered to be advantageous medications for people who suffer a number of illnesses. It is scientifically proven that consumption of proper foods strengthens the immune system and reduces the risk of many ailments.

One of those illnesses that is commonly treated with consumption of natural ingredients and food is Arthritis. Surprisingly beneficial for treating Arthritis is turmeric.

Turmeric is a natural, herbal anti-inflammatory, commonly used for treating inflammatory bowel disease, cystic fibrosis and arthritis. Turmeric can be administered in form of fluid extract, tincture or in powder-filled capsules. The patient has to intake the right dosage which makes this ingredient effective, as follows:

1g to 3g per day – dried root in powder form
15 to 30 drips, 4 times per day – tincture (1:2 ratio)
30 – 90 drops per day – a liquid extract (1:1ratio)
400ml – 600ml, 3 times per day – powder (curcumin)
1.5 g – 3 g per day – sliced root

These variations of the highly beneficial turmeric can be easily included in the daily scheme of the patient who suffers from arthritis.

Turmeric is also used effectively as an ingredient in healthy drinks. People who suffer from arthritis can simply add turmeric in their juice. To reduce inflammation, there is one juice recipe that tastes amazing. It contains turmeric and several other ingredients, that when mixed together create enjoyably tasty drink that reduces arthritis inflammation:


2 to 3 inches of ginger root
4 to 5 inches of cut turmeric root
2 lemons
5 carrots
1 orange
1 cucumber
1 tablespoon of powder of holy basil (when fresh, use 2 tbsp.)
¼ tablespoons of cayenne powder pepper

In a blender or juice mixer, extract the juice from the carrots, lemons, orange, cucumber, turmeric and ginger. Add in the holy basil and the cayenne powder. Mix all of the ingredients until they are well mixed together. Pour into glass and enjoy the healing taste.

Consuming this drink, those who suffer from arthritis will notice these healthy benefits:

– Reduced inflammation
– Weight loss
– More energy
– Easy to include it in the daily regime
– Treats other diseases

Studies have shown that turmeric is extremely beneficial when it comes to reducing inflammation due to arthritis. It is effective when it is regularly added to the everyday diet of the patient. This natural ingredient is an easy solution to fight arthritis and experience health benefits.

Source: Positive Med