Many people enjoy the scent of baby powder and therefore want to use this product as often as possible. Here are some incredible useful and creative ways you can use baby powder on a daily basis.

• Eyelashes primer that makes the eyelashes thicker

Before applying mascara powder your eyelashes with baby powder. Your eyelashes will be thicker without using false eyelashes.

• Dry shampoo

Use baby powder instead of dry shampoo. Just powder the roots of your hair, and the baby powder will remove the excess oil from your roots.

Add cocoa powder if you have dark hair, and cinnamon of you have red hair. Spread the powder on the roots with your fingers.

• Remove sand

After the beach, there is sand in our bags and clothes. Just powder your children’s hands and yourself with baby powder before going into the house. The powder will absorb the moisture and you can remove the sand from yourself and your children easily.

• Remove oily stains

Every person gets furious when his favorite grease food destroys some piece of clothing. Just treat the stain with baby powder before washing the piece of clothing in the regular way.

• Cooling the bed sheets

When the weather is hot, cool down the sheets with baby powder. Your sheets will become luxurious and soft after the baby powder treatment as well. Baby powder can also cool down your body because it can absorb the excess perspiration.

• Pet shampoo

Rub your pet’s fur with baby powder between baths to make your pets fresh and clean. After several minutes, brush the pet’s fur and your pet will look fresh since all the smells will be eliminated.

• Feet treatment

Wearing shoes too long or wearing shoes without socks can make the feet smelly. Treat your feet and shoes every morning to prevent sweating and keep your feet and shoes clean and fresh.

• Sticky dishwashing gloves

Many people use gloves to clean the house and wash the dishes in order to protect the hands from the soaps and detergents. Often the gloves become sticky, so it is difficult to put them on or put them off.

Before putting the gloves on your hands, use some baby powder on your hands, and the gloves will definitely not be sticky.

• Playing cards cleanness

Put the playing cards in a box filled with baby powder and shake it. The playing cards will not stick together afterwards.

• Dust flower bulbs

Put 5 flower bulbs in a bag with 3 tablespoons of baby powder before planting. Close the bag and shake it. The mold in the bulbs will be reduced and this will reduce the chances of the bulbs becoming rot.

• Baby powder aftershave

Both men and women can use baby powder as an aftershave to keep their skin soft.

• Tangled jewelry chains

Baby powder will loosen the knot on the chain. Then, you can easily and quickly untangle the knot by using a pin.