All the people who have accumulated fat around their abdomen are constantly in search of remedies that will help them lose the excess weight.

Kidneys, lungs, colon and liver clean our bodies, but some elements disturb their normal function preventing them to burn the excess fat.

If you consume this drink before going to bed, your excess weight will disappear!

It not only burns the fat, it also increases the function of your immune system, cleans your body from the toxins and increases your metabolism.

You need:

• 1 cucumber
• ½ lemon
• Ginger root
• Bunch of parsley
• 1/3 glass of water


Grate the bunch of parsley to get one tablespoon. Chop the cucumber and mix both ingredients in a blender until the mixture becomes homogeneous. If you want to sweeten the drink add some honey.
Take this drink before going to sleep. Make sure you exercise and consume healthy food while using this drink.