Women who belong to the blood type A are more fertile, but are more likely to develop stomach cancer, blood type O are less likely to suffer from heart attacks, but more likely to have a high blood pressure, and blood type B is more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

Blood Type

There are four blood groups: O, AB, A and B and 2 Rh factors, minus and plus, which we inherit from the parents. Studies about the significance of the blood groups on our health have long been ignored because of the Nazi scientist

Otto Rehe who stated that type A is typical for the full-blood Aryan people, and people with type B are inferior to them. But, modern studies found associations of blood groups to specific diseases, as well as the advantages of every group.

Type A – fertile, with a drinking tendency

This group is prone to suffering from stomach cancer. Women with blood type A are fertile and can get pregnant when they are older, because the number of egg cells is slowly decreasing in time.

But, women with blood type A are more likely to develop stomach cancer, particularly if they frequently drink or smoke. This blood type is associated with OCD and alcohol addiction.

Type B – good metabolism, but a more likely to suffer from ulcers

People with blood type B are more likely to develop pancreas cancer. Also, they may suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia or poor memory when they get older. Furthermore, they are prone to ulcers and infections, but on the other hand, they have faster metabolism, can easily build muscles and the body responds more positively to physical activities.

Type 0 – reduced fertility, but less likely to have a heart attack

People from this blood group have a lower possibility of stomach cancer and heart attacks. They are more likely to suffer from stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori and men with blood type O may suffer from obesity. Women are twice as likely to have poorer egg quality which can affect their fertility. But, these people are more immune to post-traumatic stress, since the level of cortisol in these people decreases quickly.

Type AB- better vision, but prone to heart attacks

Women belonging in this blood group are prone to developing ovarian cancer, and pregnant women have greater risk of having high blood pressure. People from this group are more likely to suffer from stroke or heart diseases, and digestive problems like Crohn’s ailment and chronic gastritis.

People with this blood type have more stable levels of cortisol after traumatic events, which makes them more resistant to stress. Also, they are safer from any problems with the vision.