Sweat is a product of the mechanism in our body to maintain normal body temperature and fight infections.

One compound contained in sweat called dermcidin has the ability to prevent the bacteria entering in the body and causing dangerous infections.

The antiperspirants and deodorants we usually use do more harm than good because they impede our natural process of sweating.

These products block the sweat ducts with the toxins contained in them, such as aluminum, and they promote bacteria development which enters into our bloodstream.

Actually, the bad odor is not a result of the sweating itself, but it is caused by bacteria which were not destroyed by dermcidin.

Deodorants contain harmful chemicals that put your health in danger and cause numerous health issues, such as Alzheimer’s, reproductive damage and more.

But, lime us an extremely potent fruit for eliminating body smell, and it is a totally safe and natural.

You just need to cut one fresh lime into two halves, and rub the halves on your armpits. Let them dry and then get dressed.

Fresh lime scent lasts the whole day, and it will not stain your clothes. This way, you will destroy dangerous bacteria in a natural way and also eliminate the body odor, and not just mask it.

One slice of lime is enough for a couple of days, so always keep some limes at home.