It is very important to kick start your day. Nowadays there is one popular trend that people do every morning – drinking warm lemon water. However, this trend does not use all health benefits of lemons.

When you drink warm lemon water you will not use all important nutrients from the lemon. For example, the nutrients in the pulp and the peel. The best option is to boil one whole lemon, because you will use all health properties from the peel as well. Actually, this elixir will improve the health benefits of drinking warm lemon water.

We present you how to make this wonderful drink:

You will need:

• Pure natural honey
• 6 organic lemons
• 20 oz of water


• Slice the lemons in half and add them in a pot, along with the water.
• Next bring the water to a boil and leave it boil for 4 minutes.
• Afterwards, the pot should cool down for additional 10 – 15 minutes.
• Take out the pulp and the lemons.
• Pour some of the hot lemon water in one cup and drink it.
• Transfer the rest of the mixture in a glass bottle and use it later.
Note: you can add honey to sweeten the drink.

Health benefits of warm lemon water:

• Improves the immune system
• Protects you from colds
• It is an amazing energy booster
• Regulates the metabolism and aids in digestion
• Cleanses your body from various toxins
• It can balances the pH levels of your organism
• Clears your skin
• Fresh up your breath
• Helps in weight loss
• Boosts happiness and mood, prevents depression
• Promotes healing
• Hydrates the lymph system

This amazing cup full of healthy nutrients will help you to start your day with hydration; you will be energized, beautiful, happy and healthy. It is a simple recipe and with 6 lemons you can prepare the amazing mixture for all week.

Once you have boiled the water, do not do that again. Instead drink it as ice tea. You will get the same nutrients, but if you want to drink it warm you can always heat the drink.