Japanese women use rice because of its healing properties. If you use rice bran oil, water or bran powder on your skin you will improve the complexion of the skin and reduce the dark spots. You will look younger as well.

It has many antioxidant properties and it will have great influence over your diet. The grain is full of squalene and linoleic acid. Squalene is a powerful antioxidant which helps in production of collagen and stops the appearance of wrinkles and premature aging of the skin.

It also protects the skin from sun exposure. Rice is full of gamma oryzol and vitamin E, which can reduce cholesterol and keep the heart healthy. Many people are not aware of the strong properties that rice has over our skin.

Rise face mask

If you want to discover how rice can rejuvenate your skin, you need to prepare a mask that will keep your face soft and wrinkles-free.


• 3 tbsp. of rice
• 1 tbsp. of milk
• 1 tbsp. of honey


Place the clean rice in a pot with water. Bring it to a boil. Afterwards drain the rice and place the rice water in another bowl. Combine the rice with 1 tbsp. of heated milk and 1 tbsp. of honey and mix well. The mask is ready.

How to use the mask?

First of all clean your face. On dry skin apply the mask and leave it until is completely dry. Then remove it and rinse your face with the rice water. Rice water has many antioxidant and healing properties. It will moisturize your skin, prevent age spots, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.

Your skin will be healthy, well-nourished, protected and clear. If you want to achieve great results you should apply the mask once in a week.

Source: Healthy Living Style