We would like to ask you a question before you start to read the article… Do you usually make the bed as soon as you wake up in the morning?

If your answer is yes, then you have to know that a lot of bacteria which are found in the beds are between the bed sheets. Namely, these dust mites are food for the skin cells that are already dead, and that is the reason why you sweat at night. It is so awful, isn’t it?

Also, these types of dust mites can be the potential reason for some threats, so that they can even cause allergy or even asthma.

However, if the bed is not immediately made or is opened, these dust mites will be exposed to sunlight and fresh air. Namely, the fresh air as well as the sunlight can dehydrate them and can kill them.

It is a known fact that people usually sweat a lot when they sleep at night. According to some medical experts, people, on average, can sweat up to 1 liter of liquid per night. So, it makes it a perfect occasion for growing bacteria.

The experts also claim that the average number of dust mites that can develop in your beds can be up to 1.5 million. Also, these types of dust mites survive from out dead body cells, when we sleep at night.

However, the medical experts claim that the existence of these bacteria is not the only problem. Namely, the main problem is that they can survive under their waste, and can even lead to some health problems. To add, the waste from these dust mites can lead to some types of allergy or asthma, in case people inhale it.

Carolyn Forte, the main director of the lab of cleaning in the Good Housekeeping Institute, or GHI, claims that it is strongly recommended for people not to make their beds as soon as they wake up in the morning. This is recommended as a result of the fact that the bed sheet will have time to get dry from the night sleep.

Carolyn also claims that the real time for making your bed is after having your breakfast and after preparing to go to work. Also, it is recommended that you wash your bed sheets once a week or maybe at two weeks.

It is also the case with the pillow sheets, too. Even, some medical experts claim that you can leave the bed unmade all the day and you can made it at night.

In cases when dust mites are exposed to sunlight and fresh air, they first dehydrate and as a result of that die. In this way you can make your bedroom an ideal place for leaving and sleeping, since breathing will be easier. Thank you for reading this article and please share it with your friends or family.