She was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine 6 times. She is Dr. Johanna Budwig and this means we have to treat her work with a lot of respect. While her career lasted (she died in 2003, 95), she cured 90% of all her cancer patients.

She succeeded and cured different types of cancer forever using non-toxic ingredients that will not cause any side-effects. Because of her amazing success, she became the biggest enemy to the nuclear and pharmaceutical industries, both of which were restraining her work beginning in the 1950 and that is why a lot of people have not heard about the Budwig Protocol.

She said that she has the cure to cancer, bit nobody listened to her. They visited her constantly and observed her work and said that her work is impressive. That is why they wanted to take over the recipe and use it to make a lot of money. But she was persistent.

The Cancer Industry is actually based on Lies!

Big Pharmaprofits a fortune from cancer patients who are barely alive, and his means that they are almost dead as healthy patients cannot give profit to this industry. That is why; it is not a surprise that the cancer industry is not interest in finding he cure for cancer. This is the most profitable disease in all medical history and they will do everything they can to keep that away.

Cancer and its Unholy Trinity!

Radiations, toxins, and acidosis which are caused by malnutrition and pharmaceuticals are the unholy cancer trinity. Acidosis is the last stage of cancer, where the body of the person chemistry starts being acidic and the blood’s ability to carry and retain oxygen is severely diminished.

The level of blood oxygen becomes 98 – 100 and it is measured by a pulse oximeter. However, among cancer patients is around 60. The oxygen in patents that has cancer is changed by wastes like carbon dioxide and the oxygen deficiency causes formation of cells and tumors that have to mutate in order to get more energy from the process of sugar fermentation.

This is not like a biochemically “clean” process, and the waste products of fermentation which is buildup in the tissues leads to even higher toxicity and causes even more cellular oxygen starvation and acidosis. In the end, the result is multiplication of the cancer cells and the end is fatal.

All of these scientific facts are supported by science. Additionally they were also proven by Dr. Otto Warburg. He won won a Nobel Prize in 1931.

The most important weapon against cancer cells is oxygen. The Budwig Protocol is a process that stimulates oxygen supply way faster than any other therapy and at the same time it adjusts the natural pH of the body and it returns it in alkaline state. Once the body reaches the alkaline state, it will be full of oxygen and that is like a poison to the mutated cancer cells.

The base of the Budwig Protocol is using a solution which is made from quark cheese and common flaxseed oil. She discovered that the “healthy” diets can cause a big problem.

She got rid of the damaging foods and fats which cause cellular oxygen starvation and instead of them used essential fatty acids and foods.
She also said that it is important to get enough sunlight that is the natural source of the anti-cancer vitamin D3.

The Budwig Anti-Cancer Protocol!

The Protocol consists of 2 stages. The first stage is completely natural, and it combines protein and sulfur of cottage / quark cheese and the omega-3 fats that come from the flaxseed oil.

Dr. Budwig discovered that the patient’s body is going to synthesize the omega-3 from the flaxseed oil in the needed exact quantity. “Without all fatty acids, there will be function of the respiratory enzymes and the result will be suffocation, even if he receives air filled with oxygen.

Lack of these highly unsaturated fatty-acids will impair different vital functions. The first thing is that it decreases the supply of oxygen to the person. We are not able to survive with no food and air, and without these fatty acids, said Dr.Budwig”.

This medicine is usually ingested orally; however, if the case is terminal the patient should flax seed oil in form of enema. The other part of this protocol is a special diet. All patients should follow the protocol for a minimum of 6 months.

The Medicine!

You will need:

– 1 cup of pure quark cheese (You have to check whether it is made of homogenized milk).
– A little bit of cayenne
– 2 to 5 tablespoons of flax seed oil, around 10 supplement capsules, or 1 to 3 tablespoons of ground flax seed (fresh)

Mix the medicine and take it 1 time daily (minimum). Mix it using a wooden spoon.

The Diet!

– Do not eat sugar and use grape juice in order to sweeten freshly squeezed juices.
– Do not eat pure animal fats, like dripping, lard and fatback.
– Do not use toppings or dressings that are commercially made.
– Do not eat commercial mayonnaise.
– Do not eat meats if they are not range fed or organic.
– Avoid margarine and butter.
– Drink only fresh juices made of celery, carrots and red beet.
– Drink one cup of warm tea 3 times in a day. Drink peppermint, grape or rosehip tea. Add natural sweeteners such as honey.
– Do not add artificial sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup.
– You should follow only a chemical-free diet.
– Do not eat processed foods.
– Decrease the use of all pharmaceuticals.
– Do not drink soft drinks.
– Do not drink bottled and tap water. Do not products which do not contain fluoride.
– Consume food that is freshly prepared.

Other Tips!

– Consume flax seed oil that is protected from light, air and heat. It should be organic and cold pressed.
– Do not consume non-flax sources of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil.
– Stay away from hydrogenated oils.
– Do not take supplement that have chlorophyll.
– You should drink green drink regularly.
– Take Vitamin C every day and do not take more than 5 grams daily.
– Avoid cosmetics and sunscreens.
– Stay away from white rice, white bread, white salt, white sugar, white flour, and everything which contains chlorine compounds.
– Do not eat regular salt and use only high-quality salt which is not bleached.
– Use safer alternatives for bleaches, common soaps, and detergents.
– Avoid canola oil and soy products.
– Consume one teaspoon of cold pressed organic coconut oil every day.
– Drink the oxygen drink few times in a day.

It is very important to say that this protocol was the final result of one extensive research that was made by Dr.

Budwig that actually became possible after her findings about the fatty acids. The combination for fighting cancer made of flax oil and cottage cheese/quark is merely a culinary surprise.
For more information check the video below.