Can cancer be treated with sodium bicarbonate, but the pharmaceutical mafia does not allow it, or is it just a myth? What do you think?

Italian physician Tulio Simoncini, claims that one the most serious diseases of our time – cancer, can be treated with baking soda. According to him, it should be treated as a fungus and not a cell disorder, like the conventional medicine claims.

This is what Dr. Tulio Simoncini said:

Candida albicans is a type of fungus found in certain quantities in our bodies. It grows in the human intestinal flora. Also, this fungus lives in the genitals, mouth and throat. The body of a healthy man maintains the Candida under control, however if the immune system weakens for some reason and fungi proliferates, it can cause severe health issues.

Unfortunately, many factors in our modern life promote the growth of Candida. Stress, excessive antibiotic use, unhealthy diet, contraceptives … – all this has an impact on Candida growth in your body, which causes numerous issues.

Tulio Simoncini is an Italian doctor and a specialist in the field of metabolic disorders, oncology and diabetes. He claims that cancer is actually Candida infection, and that the theory of the conventional medicine about cancer – that arises as a result of inappropriate functioning of the cells isn’t true.

From the start of his medical career, the doctor saw that something is seriously wrong with the conventional mode of cancer treatment: I could see unbearable suffering all around me. I saw children dying in hospital rooms. I suffered every time I saw poor children dying from the effects of chemotherapy – says Dr. Tulio Simoncini.

However, there are many opponents of his methods in the world of medicine, who say that the whole thing is a scam, and state many examples of seriously ill patients, who spent a large sum of money on the treatment with no results. Some of them have given up on conventional therapy and died of cancer, and some were even negligently treated and died as a result of this inadequate treatment.

Italian doctor claims otherwise and says that his sorrow and pain made him look for new ways of understanding cancer. He started his research with an open mind, no prejudices and strict assumptions. He realized that there needs to be a link between all kinds of cancer, regardless of where they are in the body.

By studying cancers, he noted that all cancer growths had the same color, white, just like Candida. Connecting the white layers with the colonization of Candida, Simoncini kept exploring this phenomenon. After a while, he realized that the cancer cell formation isn’t a “mistake” in the functioning of the organism but a protective reaction to a Candida invasion.

Conventional medicine states that the additional spreading of cancer is a result of “malignant” cancer cells that “got out” from the original tumor. But the doctor says this is not so. An additional spread of cancer is caused by the actual cause of cancer – Candida.

In the end, the actual cause of cancer and numerous other diseases is weak immune system. When your immune system functions properly, it immediately tries to solve the issue before it goes out of control. In such case, a healthy immune function keeps the level of Candida bacteria in the body into its normal limits, slowing down its additional spreading.

Supporters of Dr. Simoncini argue that his method was successful, and they blame the pharmaceutical mafia and their attempts to discredit the Italian doctor, because he threatens their interests.

According to their claims, the pharmaceutical industry has an incredible profit from conventional methods of diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and they certainly don’t like finding a treatment that is truly effective.

That’s why there are numerous scandals around Simoncini and in 2006 he was even sentenced to three years in prison for fraud, after the death of a patient who used his treatment, and in 2003, he lost his medical license.

When Simoncini discovered that cancer is a result of Candida, he resumed looking for a medicine that can effectively destroy Candida and thereby treat cancer. He soon realized that conventional anti-fungal drugs don’t work, since Candida mutates quickly in order to defend itself, and can even start to feed on the drug that was intended to killing it.

Instead, Simoncini discovered something much better and simpler – baking soda. “Yes, good old baking soda is sufficient to solve this problem,” said the doctor. Unlike other drugs, Candida cannot adapt to baking soda.

His treatments include direct injection of baking soda in the cancer of the affected organ, which according to the claims of many who have tried the therapy really works, even in cases where conventional medicine has given up, while opponents argue that this method is completely ineffective and that it’s a scam for profit.

The truth is that conventional medicine does not have the right solutions for this terrible disease and that revolves around big money for various cancer treatments, however, it remains to be seen whether there really is a conspiracy of the pharmaceutical mafia against Dr. Simoncini, or he actually is a fraud.

Tulio Simoncini is still active, he hosted at various conventions about cancer and has a Facebook page. He also has his own website and consults patients through it. Dr Simoncini has a lot of support from the world of medicine, but on the other hand, there are many who criticize and blame him.