A great part of the suffering and cases of death caused by cancer can be prevented with more systematic methods to lower the tobacco usage, improve your diet and physical activity, and use the established screening tests.

Billions of people worldwide are suffering from cancer, the most dangerous disease in our time. Apparently cancer is incurable, however some people state that cancer can be cured with a natural remedy discovered by a scientist from Bulgaria, Hristo Mermerski.

Doctor Mermerski says that this remedy he discovered can treat cancer and improve your general health.

The remedy can also boost your immune system, maintain and improve brain function, cleanse your kidneys and liver, clean the blood vessels, maintain the health of your and cure cancer.

This is how to make it…


• 15 lemons
• Twelve organic cloves of garlic
• 1 kilo of raw honey
• 400 gr. of walnuts
• 400 gr. of sprouted grains

How to prepare the sprouts:

Place the green wheat in one bowl and cover them with water, and let them soak overnight. The next morning (after a minimum of 12 hours), strain the wheat, wash it and strain it one more time. Then place it in a bowl and let it sprout for one day.


• Add the garlic cloves, walnuts and the sprouted wheat in the grinder and grind them.
• Then grind five lemons with their peel and put them in the mixture.
• Squeeze the other ten lemons in this mixture and combine everything.
• Add honey with a wooden spoon and pour this mixture in a container.
• Keep the mixture refrigerated for three days.


Doctor Mermerski advises taking a few tablespoons of the mixture before each meal and before bed. If you are suffering from cancer, eat a few tablespoons every couple of hours.

This remedy will improve your metabolism and energize you, and it will help you beat cancer.