Arteries are very important part of our organism. They are essential for our health. The arteries are the main transporters of nutrients and oxygen to different organs and to the heart.


Processed products, toxins, fatty foods and chemicals can be the reason for many cardiovascular diseases.

A huge part of being healthy and having clean arteries are connected with a proper diet and the foods we eat.

If you clear the buildup plague from your arteries you will improve the cardiovascular health. That is amazing way for reducing the risk of a stroke or any other heart diseases.

For people who would like to use natural alternatives in order to improve their heart health we present you an amazing drink with 3 ingredients only:

You will need:

• 8 lemons
• 4 l. clean water
• 1 piece of ginger (4 to 5 cm)
• 8 cloves of garlic

Directions and Use:

– First you need to wash the lemons. Afterwards cut them in pieces.
– Clean the ginger and the garlic clove. Take all ingredients and add them in a blender.
– Once the mixture is blended pour it in a pot.
– Pour the water in the pot as well and cook it. When the water starts boiling remove the pot from the heat.
– Transfer the mixture in glass bottles.
– Drink this mixture every day, 2 hours before your meals.
–During this treatment it is recommended to do some exercises at least 3 times daily