Most smokers know that cigarettes contain nicotine and tar. They are also aware that these substances are extremely dangerous for their overall health.

This article will be extremely useful for any smoker that has decided to stop and eliminate this terrible habit in a natural and effective way.

Clean Your Lungs From Nicotine

If you are a smoker, stop smoking immediately.

You should forget about this nasty habit immediately because a long period is needed to cleanse the body from the awful substances contained in cigarettes. Some of the effects of the substances on the lungs cannot be reversed as well.

Luckily, there is a natural and effective remedy that can cleanse the lungs of nicotine and tar completely.

Many people have tried this remedy and they are satisfied with it. Besides its effectiveness, the preparation of this remedy is very simple.

Needed ingredients:

• 400 grams sugar or honey
• 400 grams onions
• 1 ginger root
• 2 tablespoons turmeric
• 1 liter water


• Boil the water and sugar. If you are using honey, add the honey when the water is already boiling.
• Chop the onions and grate the ginger root. Add these ingredients to the water and honey/sugar mixture.
• When it starts to boil, lower the temperature and add the turmeric powder.
• Simmer until the mixture reduces by half. Then, remove it from heat. Strain it and store it in a glass jar. Leave the remedy to cool down and then refrigerate it.
• Consume two tablespoons of the remedy two times a day – in the morning before eating breakfast and before going to bed.

The benefits of this remedy or its ingredients


This healing spice has many health benefits. The most important one in this case is its ability to remove the accumulated mucus in the lungs.


The turmeric’s anti-septic, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties will cleanse you blood and protect your lungs and entire body from inflammation.


Onions, as well as garlic, have anti-cancer properties. This vegetable will also protect you from any respiratory problems.