In order to maintain and improve your health you should cleanse your body from the buildup toxins. The human body has special systems, glands and organs whose main function is to eliminate the toxins.

However, those organs may become clogged, thus preventing them to perform their normal function. Lymphatic system plays major role in cleansing the body and it is of utmost importance to keep it healthy.

The lymphatic system belongs both to the circulatory and the immune system. It is composed of lymph glands and nodes, thymus gland, tonsils and spleen. The lymph has many functions such as:

• It carries out and takes in the fatty acids from the digestive tract.
• It removes the interstitial fluid which is found in the tissues.
• It transports the white blood cells to and from the lymph nodes.
• It transfers the APCs (antigen-presenting cells) to the lymph nodes stimulating immune response.

Nevertheless, the nutrient deficiencies, the increased intake of processed foods, as well as the lack of physical activity, may lead to deteriorated function of the lymphatic system. The following symptoms are signifying that your lymph has to be cleaned:

• Frequent headaches
• Skin conditions
• Unexplained injuries
• Digestive disorders
• Chronic fatigue
• Arthritis
• Excess weight
• Sinus infections

The flow in the body can be stimulated by increased intestinal activity, muscle action, body’s movement and breathing, since the lymphatic system does not have its pumping system. Therefore, we are going to present you some tips on how you can stimulate and improve the flow in your lymphatic system to encourage the toxin removal from your body.

10 most effective to clean the lymphatic system

1. Alternative treatments

The easiest and the simplest way to eliminate the toxins from your lymphatic system is the lymphatic drainage massage. This massage can drain the fluids, toxins and fat from the cells and remove them completely. Moreover, it also stimulates the circulation in the lymphatic system.

Acupuncture is another treatment which is highly effective for toxin elimination and lymph flow stimulation. Infrared sauna may also help since it improves the function of the lymphatic system. While you are in the sauna you are sweating excessively which helps your body to get rid of the toxins.

2. Dry brushing

You can brush your skin by using a natural bristle brush. Do that for 10 minutes in circular motion and then take a shower. It is advisable to mix the dry brushing with hot and cold shower so that you get optimal results.

3. Stop wearing tight clothes

Make sure you do not wear tight clothes anymore since they prevent the lymphatic circulation. Moreover, it can cause accumulation of toxins in the body.

4. Increase the intake of foods which improve the lymphatic circulation

In order to improve the function of your lymphatic system make sure you consume raw food and food rich in nutrients. Here is a list of some foods which encourage the cleansing of the lymph system:

• Cranberries
• Chia
• Almonds
• Garlic
• Avocados
• Ground flaxseed
• Leafy green veggies
• Low-sugar fruits
• Walnuts
• Brazil nuts

5. Herbs that can improve the lymph circulation

There are some herbs listed below which can be highly beneficial for your lymph. You can make tea from:

• Goldenseal
• Astragalus
• Parsley
• Echinacea
• Pokeroot
• Cilantro
• Wild indigo root

6. Physical activity

To prevent lymph clogging you should do some exercises on a regular basis. At first, start with some easy exercises and then slowly continue with some more difficult ones. The best exercise for boosting your lymph is rebounding on a trampoline.

7. Cold and hot showers

By this type of shower you will provide a ″pump″ action which will eliminate the fluid buildup from your body. This is due to the fact that hot water dilates the blood vessels while the cold one shrivels them. However, note that is not recommendable for pregnant women and people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

8. Drink clean water only

It is assumed that the amount of water you drink on a daily basis should be half your weight, e.g. 160 lbs are equal to 80 oz of water. Some experts advise consuming lemon water too.

9. Breathe deeply

There is three times more lymph fluid than blood in our body. Therefore, unlike blood, the lymphatic system does not have any special organ which can pump the fluid. That is why deep breathing is necessary to help the elimination of toxins through the liver.

10. Avoid foods that cause clogged lymphatic system

Here is a list of those foods:

• Artificial sweeteners
• Soy
• Conventional diary
• Processed foods
• Sugar
• Table salt
• Meat – (conventionally raised)