Everyone hates cockroaches! They are very nasty insects and almost everyone is scared by them. And they can be found everywhere!

They are some of the most resistant specie, since they can support great radiation levels and they can survive with no food for over a month? They are omnivores, meaning that they can eat plants and animals. This is the main reason why they can be found everywhere!

Cockroaches eat everything they can find. They leave chemical traces in their stool. This way, they can find sources of food and water easy. This is how they communicate with each other.

But don’t worry, because today we will show you the most efficient way to eliminate these annoying creatures! Yes, you should eliminate them because they carry dysentery, and they consume your clothing, food and books. Also, they leave droppings.

Like we said, cockroaches can live everywhere — in apartments, houses, teepees and trailers. They squeeze through cracks and can live for a month with no food. We recommend trying this trick, particularly if you have pets or small children, because with it you are going to avoid using dangerous industrial poisons.

Bay leaves – the strongest cockroach repellent

Bay leaves are great natural homemade cockroach repellent? But, this powerful herb won’t kill them! However, by crushing these leaves, the essential oils release powerful fragrance.

If you keep the crushed leaves around the house on shelves or in bed cushions, the cockroaches will run away. The smell won’t kill the roaches, but it will help repel them from your rooms.

Make sure you put 10 bay leaves in your garden or around the kitchen and you will never see cockroaches around your house. They are great for places where you store food like in the pantry or kitchen as they are not toxic and completely safe.

We advise putting bay leaves in the garden particularly if you are having a pet. This way you will get rid of cockroaches without being worried about the safety of the children and pets.

Note: experts claim that you may use dried or fresh bay leaves. And, like we said, the greatest way to use bay leaves is to crush dry leaves and make a powder. This way they release stronger smell.