One of the most frequently diagnosed types of cancer is colorectal cancer. Every year, 95,000 new cases of colon cancer and approximately 40,000 new cases of rectal cancer are discovered in the United States.

Nearly half of the patients with this diagnosis in the end die and this happens because of the fact that conventional treatments including chemotherapy or surgery are not successful for all cancer types. The worst part is that they also have severe side effects.

American Scientists discovered in one published study in the Journal for Cancer Research at the University of Adelaide that the lauric acid which can be found in coconut oil has potent properties for killing cancer. In just 2 days, the component destroyed 90% of the cancer cells. The experiments were made in a Petri dish, under hermetic conditions and they were not made on a living organism.

By now, the deficiency of financial means stopped additional studies on the positive effect that coconut oil has. This is because the pharmaceutical companies do not show huge interest and it is obvious that they only want to sell the products.

However, coconut oil has different health benefits on the health. The lauric acid which can be found in coconut oil that is actually a component which can be found in breast milk can strengthen the immune system. The American Society for Nutrition says that few studies which have shown that coconut oil can protect us from different diseases and in some cases it can even cure them.

It was proven that it is very useful for osteoporosis, gallbladder infections, viral diseases (such as herpes or hepatitis C), Alzheimer’s, cancer or chronic illnesses cancer. Additionally, coconut oil can help and soothe the side effects of chemotherapy.

This means that coconut oil is very helpful for fighting different diseases. However, it is also popular for curing skin blemishes and certain women are very satisfied with its effects.