There is an increasing number of people in the US who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and obesity. And scientists claim that over 15.000,000 Americans will be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease by 2050.

Mary Newport, doctor of neonatal medicine, was reviewing the numerous scientific researches about Alzheimer’s disease in the past 10 years. She discovered that the MTC or medium chain triglycerides contained in coconut oil can be a very efficient natural remedy regarding the treatment and Alzheimer’s disease down.

Steve (58), Mary’s husband, has issues with progressive dementia for over five years. His MRI scans showed that the disease is close to becoming Alzheimer’s.

Her husband has problems with his memory, such as inability to find a spoon or take the water from the fridge as well as with depression. By studying the Alzheimer’s literature Mary discovered that depression can be the first sign of Alzheimer’s.

When Steve’s disease progressed significantly, Doctor Newport decided to try a treatment with coconut oil. She purchased a virgin coconut oil, and gave her husband a 35mg of it every day (a little more than 2 teaspoons) for longer than one month.

The results were incredible and unbelievable and she said that the progress was obvious, even after 2 weeks.
His wife discovered something very important and recovered almost entirely in a month and a half by eating 35mg of virgin coconut oil a day.