Nowadays, more and more people in the United States suffer from diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, by 2050, 15 million Americans will have Alzheimer’s according to scientists.

Mary Newport, a neonatal practitioner, has been studying all the literature about Alzheimer’s disease for many years. During her research, she found out that medium chain triglycerides, MCT, in coconut oil can prevent or slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Coconut Oil

Meanwhile, Steve, Mary Newport’s husband, has been suffering from Dementia for 5 years. According to his MRI results, it was very likely that his disease will develop into Alzheimer’s.

Steve faced huge memory problems. Sometimes he was not able to get water out of the fridge and to find a spoon. He was also depressed. As Mary read in the scientific literature for Alzheimer’s disease, depression is one of the precursors for Alzheimer’s.

The importance of MCT

The cells of the body use ketone bodies as a fuel when there is not enough glucose in the organism. Brain cells are one of the most selective cells in the body as they are restricted in the area of what fuel they use to stay healthy and alive.

They can sometimes use ketone bodies, even though their basic fuel is glucose. The body does not contain or produce these cells in order for the brain cells to use them as fuel.

Alzheimer’s disease

The nerve cells in some parts of the body cannot use glucose as a fuel. They start to die off gradually and this inability to use glucose is due to insulin resistance. The first obvious symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease appear after 10 to 20 years. These cells cannot function and survive even if they start using ketone bodies as a fuel. The cells face the same problem in cases of Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, multiple sclerosis and ALS. The difference between these diseases and Alzheimer’s disease is only the area of the brain that is affected and also the spinal cord is affected in these diseases.

MCT oil and other fats are not metabolized in the body in the same manner. The liver directly converts these oils into ketone bodies that are later used as fuel for the nerve cells. Intravenous application of MCT results into hyperketonemia, increased number of ketone bodies in the blood. In case of glucose deficit the brain cells use these ketone bodies as a fuel.

According to Dr. Newport, hyperketonemia lowers cognitive dysfunction and increases cerebral blood flow.
Mary discovered that coconut oil consists of almost 60% medium chain fatty acids and contains high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids and no cholesterol. Medium chain triglycerides are also found in breast milk and palm kernel oil. Goat and cow milk, as well as butter from these milks, contain low amounts of these fats.

When Steve’s disease advanced significantly, Mary started a coconut oil therapy and gave her husband 36 grams of coconut oil every day for a whole month. The results were incredible.

Steve’s doctors also confirmed that Steve’s condition has improved drastically.