According to the latest researches, the medical experts agreed that colon cancer is one of the most common cancer types, in both male and female! It is very awful that this disease takes more than million lives all over the world!

However, you will be surprised when you read that one group of researchers discovered that this amazing ingredient is able to destroy 93% of colon cancer cell in 2 days only. It’s more than amazing – isn’t it?

Study Confirms

What you need to know is that the recent study which was made by group of researchers at Adelaide University of Australia showed that lauric acid kills almost 93% of colon cancer cells in less than 3 days.

This is very important to remember – this powerful ingredient (coconut oil) is almost half full with lauric acid, which contaminates all cancer cells by releasing extreme oxidative stress. Therefore in this process, the lauric acid actually decreases the glutathione levels in cancer cells very effectively.

Also this amazing super healthy ingredient is full of other healthy nutrients which can provide many other health benefits but of course the big pharmacy corporations tend to downplay its efficacy because this ingredient can cure many other health problems such as osteoporosis, diabetes viral ailments, (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes and lot more.), Chron’ssickness, biliary tract and the most important CANCER.

Source of fat that was demonized

One more thing that is very important is that years ago, actually back in the early 1960’s most of the food manufacturers wanted their consumers to buy their butters and hydrogenated oils and the changes they did changed the human life forever.

They “discredited” the products that people were using in their homes to prepare their food.
Since then coconut oil become the “reason” for health issues like those that we mentioned before while the “new and good” products made by these manufacturers were the real deal.

Take a note:

The last thing you should know is that many medical experts don’t agree with all these researches but it is very important to agree that Mother Nature has provided many tools to fight this terrible disease and we should invest more in studies and medical researches for these natural remedies.