Many people use cotton buds to clear their ears from dirt and wax, but it seems that they do more harm than good. Experts claim that regular usage of cotton buds causes serious health problems and may even cause obstruction or inflammation.

Furthermore, Doctors David Gill, a pediatrician, claims that ear wax shouldn’t be forcefully removed from the ear, ant instead to try more effective methods.

He claims that all ingredients you need are already in your kitchen. Soak one piece of cotton in oil and put it in your ear to soften your earwax.

Then, just shake your head to move the wax towards the outside canal. Wait for a few minutes, and then apply a couple of drops of oil in the ear.

If this approach doesn’t help you, then combine equal parts of vinegar and medicinal alcohol and wash your ears with the mixture.

You can choose the method which appeals to you, but you need to make sure not to use cotton buds to avoid side-effects.