We present you a recipe for an effective face mask that will help you to cure different cosmetic problems such as inflammation, dark sports, acne and redness, under eye circles, wrinkles and facial hair.

The best thing about this mask is that it is very cheap and you will only need a few ingredients. The main ingredient is turmeric.

This mask will lighten your skin, clear up the acne, reduce inflammation, eczema, relieve redness and reduce pores. The dark spots and under eye circles will disappear.

Another anti-aging ingredient is lit. It can remove wrinkles and your skin will be smooth and soft. It will help you to get rid of unwanted facial hair as well.

Turmeric originates in India and it is a powerful spice. It has a deep yellow- orange color and specific taste. Mostly you can find it in powdered form.

The production of turmeric consists of bubbling, picking and drying of the turmeric roots in a very hot oven. Afterwards they are grounded in fine powder.

This spice is used in cooking and it can be used for dyeing as well.

When you apply this mask remember to wear old clothes and gloves as well. Be careful because it can dye your furniture as well.

Here is the entire list of ingredients:

• Milk
• Almond oil
• Turmeric
• Flour


In a bowl add 1 tsp. of turmeric and combine it with 2 tbsp. of flour. Add 1 tbsp. of almond oil and a little bit of milk. You should get a paste that should not be very thick or very thin. You will need approximately 3 – 4 tablespoons of milk. Stir and combine them well.

How to use the mask:

You can use this mask to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Be very careful when applying the mask, especially around the eyebrow and hairline area. You can apply it under the eye area, but be careful around the eyelashes.
The mask should act for approximately 20 minutes.

Afterwards wash your face and pat it dry completely. If you face has yellowish color do not worry. Just wash your face once again. You can use a face cleanser and light face lotion.

You can do this treatment at least one time in a week. The results are amazing.

Source video: Bianca Renee Today