The Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria cause strep throat. The symptoms of strep throat are inflammation and pain in the throat. People of all ages can suffer from strep throat.

However, this health problem is more common among children who are not older than 13.

Luckily, there are natural remedies that are amazingly effective in the treatment of strep throat. These remedies will eliminate the inflammation, attack the Streptococcus bacteria and reduce the pain. Some of the best remedies for strep throat are presented below in this article.


Honey is an incredible food product that can be helpful in the treatment of most health problems. The healing qualities of honey make this product extremely effective in dealing with throat infections. Moreover, honey is even still used in modern medicine. Bandages used to cover wounds are coated with honey.

Apple cider vinegar

Strep throat as well as many other health issues can be effectively treated and solved with apple cider vinegar. Gargle with a mix of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Remember that the vinegar must be diluted. Use 8oz water and 3 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar. You can also increase the dose and add ¼ cup of the vinegar with 16 oz of water. The remedy will work on your throat after 30 minutes or a bit more.

Vitamin C

Drink tea with honey and lemon to heal your strep throat. Vitamin C in lemon has healing, antibacterial, soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

Cayenne pepper

According to medical studies, cayenne pepper can even treat join and muscle pain since it is excellently absorbed through the skin. However, the taste of cayenne pepper is strong and it can hurt the throat, so it should not be used directly on the throat. You should apply capsaicin paste or cream on the swollen lymph nodes on the neck and on the throat’s skin.

If you don’t have capsaicin cream or paste, mix half a cup carrier oil and one teaspoon of ground cayenne powder. You may use olive or coconut oil. In this way, you may prepare your own natural cayenne pepper cream.

Additional advice:

According to medical research, strep throat can also be effectively treated with essential oils such as cinnamon, thyme, sage, lavender, grapefruit, lemongrass and lemon essential oil. These essential oils are effective against bacterial infections in the throat since they have incredible antibacterial powers.

For a quick pain relief, mix five drops of one of these essential oils and water. Heat the mixture on the stove. Remove the pot from the stove before it starts boiling. Inhale the steam from the mixture for several minutes. Repeat this essential oil treatment several times a day.