When you become thirsty it means that you are already dehydrated. The best way to prevent that is to drink a little bit of water throughout the day.

If you hate waking up early in the morning you should drink 2 glasses of water and that will boost up your blood pressure to a normal level and that is more natural and healthier day to start your day.

Do not even think of drinking soda, tea or sweetened juices because they will not hydrate you. They will cause the opposite effect; they will only waste precious water out of your body in order to clean the system. Additional information is that with every cup of coffee you should drink one cup of water.

Drinking water will also help you to boost your metabolism and it will make you feel full for a longer period of time.

1. Blood pressure

The normal amount of water in our blood is 92%. This happens when our body is completely hydrated. If we are dehydrated then the blood can become thicker and it will resist the blood flow that may result in high blood pressure.

2. Fatigue

Water is very important part for the energy in out body. If you are dehydrated then the enzymatic activity will slow down and that causes fatigue and tiredness.

3. Skin disorders

The dehydration can reduce the destruction of the toxins. Then our skin can get at risk to having many skin problems and disorders such as: psoriasis, dermatitis, discolorations and wrinkling.

4. Allergies and asthma

In case of dehydration your body restricts airways in order to preserve water. When the body loses water, the rate of histamine will increase.

5. High cholesterol

The body will enhance the production of cholesterol in order to prevent the water loss from the cells.

6. Digestive disorders

Gastritis, ulcers and acid reflux are a few digestive disorders that may happen due to dehydration and lack of alkaline minerals, including calcium and magnesium.

7. Kidney problems and bladder

If the body is dehydrated then there will be mass of toxins and acids waste and it will create an environment that will become a home to bacteria. This will cause pain, inflammations and the kidney and the bladder will become prone to infections.

8. Constipation

In case of dehydration the colon draws water to supply fluids. If there is not enough water the waste will move to the big intestines more slowly and this will result in constipation.

9. Premature aging

If you are constantly dehydrated then every our organ, including the skin which is the largest body organ in our body will start to wrinkle and wither prematurely.

10. Weight gain

If you are dehydrated the cells are diminished from energy and that leads to eating more when you are only thirsty.
You should know that an average person should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. There are many factors that can influence the consumption of water such as: exercise, illness, pregnancy etc.

If you drink 2 glasses of water before you eat you can cut back on portions and you will lose weight.

Drink cold water and burn more calories and boost your metabolism. You can see the effect 10 minutes after drinking the water and you will reach the peak at 30-40 min. after drinking it.

Drink only water and avoid sodas or fruit juices that are packed with calories and sugar.


Source: Healthy Holistic Living