Many people have reasons to stop consuming bread. If a person cannot find or cook healthy ingredients to replace the bread, the left replacements can be quite expensive.


Luckily, we can offer you some great ideas on how to make delicious, healthy and inexpensive sandwiches without using bread. After you try these amazing sandwiches you will completely stop consuming bread. You will start enjoying these fabulous bread-less sandwiches every day.

Lettuce wraps with barbecued salmon

1image source: nomnompaleo

Red bell peppers sandwiches

2image source: theprimalparent

Portabella halloumi sandwich

03image source: mushroominfo

Sweet paleo potato bun

3image source: platedwithstyle


4Cucumber sandwich

image source: makethebestofeverything

Tomato burger with avocado

5image source: theironyou

Plantain tortilla

6image source: zenbellycatering

Tapioca wraps – gluten-free

7image source: glutenfreeonashoestring

Grill eggplant sandwiches

8image source: mealsandmiles

Prepare these sandwiches for yourself, your family and friends, and enjoy these creative, healthy and delicious breadless meals!