Our immune system, lymphatic system and sebaceous glands can be harmed seriously by the toxins found in most deodorants found on the market.

Some of these toxic chemicals are:

• Aluminum – to prevent sweating, deodorants contain aluminum. According to medical research, aluminum can cause prostate cancer, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and problems with the endocrine system. This is pretty dangerous, as important lymph nodes are located next to the armpit.

• Antifreeze or propylene glycol – antifreeze is dangerous for the heart, liver and nervous system. Small doses of this ingredient can cause skin irritation and half of the content of most deodorants is actually propylene glycol.

• Formaldehyde – this ingredient can cause cancer. In fact, it is used for preservation of dead bodies.

• Phthalates – this ingredient can cause infertility among men and disrupts the proper function of the endocrine system. Plastic also contains this dangerous ingredient.

• Parabens – these preservatives cause hormonal imbalance and early puberty. Medical studies have found parabens in breast tumors.

• Triclosan – this preservative and antibacterial agent creates chloroform gas together with water. The gas can cause cancer and affect the function of the endocrine system negatively.

The need to detox your armpits

Detoxifying your armpit will help you sweat less, cleanse chemicals from the tissues, skin and sweat glands and prevent skin rashes.

The following detox can be done in 30 minutes. You will need only 3 ingredients – betonite clay, apple cider vinegar and water. Water and betonite clay will destroy the bacteria in your pores and apple cider vinegar will cleanse your skin.


• 1 Tbsp. betonite clay
• 2 tsp. water
• 1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

Preparation and use:

• Mix the ingredients in a glass bowl.
• Spread the mix with a cloth on your armpits and leave it on for 20 minutes.
• Redness is a sign of blood flow, so don’t be worried.
• After 20 minutes, wash the mix with warm water.
• Do this detox for a few days. It will calm down an irritation that can appear after switching from a store-bought deodorant to a completely natural deodorant.