This new discovery is even better and simpler than a surgery. Nowadays, the primer cause of blindness in the world is cataracts.

Luckily, scientists have discovered a new drug that dissolves and shrinks cataracts without surgery by only delivering the drug directly in the eye with an eye dropper.

When this treatment passes a clinical trial on humans it can replace the only expensive and painful treatment that is available today – eye surgery.

Total blindness can be the result of cataracts if the condition is left untreated. In case of cataracts the lens becomes cloudy since the crystalline proteins of the lens deteriorate and the damaged proteins form a brown or milky blue layer. Cataracts can appear on both eyes, even though it does not spread from one eye to the other.

Although the cause behind cataracts is not quite determined, age plays a major influence. Cataracts surgery is safe and simple, but often there are no facilities in a country to perform it or not enough money, so many people go blind.

More than 15 million people in the world are blind because of cataracts, so the newly discovered eye drops may be a solution that will reduce this number.

The newly discovered eye drops are based on a natural steroid named lanosterol. The scientists started testing this steroid when they found two Chinese children who had inherited a form of cataracts from their parents. The production of lanosterol in these children was stopped, and their parents also lacked the steroid.

So, the scientists concluded that this steroid may be the cause for the disease. They performed three types of tests. First, they used the steroid drops on human lens and noticed shrinking of the cataracts. Secondly, the test was done on rabbits, and the cataracts decreased or disappeared in 6 days. Finally, they tested on dogs with cataracts, and the results were the same as with the experiments on rabbits and the human lens in the lab – the cataracts was gone.

Many scientists who have also done cataracts research for many years support this research and the newly discovered eye drops.

When the scientists discover how these eye drops cure cataracts and when they carry out human trials, this remedy will be available for all the cataract patients around the world.

Source: ScienceAlert