Since childhood, we were taught to take a bath every day. Believe it or not, wen it comes to showering and bathing, there are those who even shower two times a day. But, there are people who don’t take a bath or shower for days! But, it seems that when you skip showering, you are susceptible to some negative effects.

Harmful germs and bacteria- your skin becomes an ideal environment for germs and bacteria which may multiply because you don’t shower and build up on your skin.

Infections- the bacteria and germs will result in skin infections.

Dermatitis neglecta- if you don’t take showers for longer periods of time, you may develop a skin condition called dermatitis neglecta which is characterized by scaly and brown skin patches.

Unpleasant smell- if you don’t bathe or shower regularly, your body starts to release an unpleasant odor.

Skin reactions- irregular showers can make your skin more susceptible to rashes, pimples and scaliness.

To take proper skin care, you should regularly shower, if it’s possible, every day. This is particularly the case for those who exercise on a daily basis. But, long showers aren’t advised because longer exposure to water removes all oils from your body and your skin may become flaky and dry.