We include eggs in our diet due to their versatility, their delicious taste as well as their numerous healthy nutrients.
Even though a great number of people believe that the eggs, particularly the egg yolk, might have an impact on the diet, we try to prove the contrary.

In fact, the eggs are very beneficial, due to their numerous healthy nutrients. In addition, they are loaded with vitamins and minerals, as well as proteins. Moreover, they also contain amino-acids, which regenerate the tissues and build up muscle mass.

Most of the nutritionists believe that people should eat 3 eggs on a daily basis in order to have balanced diet. You have probably heard that the egg yolk is rich in cholesterol, even though some things are not as they appear. Even though it is true that the egg yolk is high in cholesterol, there are things that are much more complex than it.

Cholesterol actually represents a structural molecule, which is an important part of the cell membranes. In addition, it enables the production of estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol that are essential for the proper functioning of the human body.

Moreover, the liver also produces cholesterol, and its production is particularly increased when we eat high-cholesterol food.

The American Heart Association claims that the LDL, or the bad cholesterol, causes the production of hard, thick deposits, which clog the arteries and limit their flexibility, and increases the risk of experiencing heart strokes or other cardiovascular diseases.

On the other side, the good cholesterol, keeps the cardiovascular system healthy, because it eliminates the bad cholesterol from the arteries and returns it to the liver, where it is disintegrated and removed from the human body.

Eggs are rich in good cholesterol, or HDL, whereas the processed food and fast food contain trans fats, which increase the bad cholesterol levels. In other words, eggs significantly lower the side effects of the bad cholesterol.

Here is a nutritional profile of an egg:

– 77 calories
– 6 grams of proteins
– 5 grams of healthy fats
– 15 % Vitamin B2 of the RDA
– 9 % Vitamin B12 of the RDA
– 7 % Vitamin B5 of the RDA
– 6 % Vitamin A of the RDA
– 22 % Selenium of the RDA
– 9 % Phosphorus of the RDA
– 5 % Folate of the RDA
– Eggs are also loaded with Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, and Vitamin B6, zinc as well as calcium.


– It develops healthy brain

Eggs yolk is rich in chorine that is necessary for the proper functioning of the human brain, particularly for the development of the brain in newborn babies and fetuses.

If the eggs are consumed during pregnancy, their consumption enhances the development of the brain and the brain functioning of the babies. The University of South Caroline carried out a study recently, which has already shown that chorine efficiently reduces the risk of breast cancer by 24 %.

– It protects the bone health

Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium, and enhances the bones health, so the lack of Vitamin D increases the risk of experiencing osteoporosis or other bone issues. Vitamin D is present in few types of food, and that is why it is deficient. When people are not exposed to the sun, particularly in the winter, they lack Vitamin D.

They can naturally supply themselves with the Vitamin D by consuming eggs.

– It prevent deficiency of iron

The most common symptoms of lack of iron are: irritability, fatigue and headaches. However, two big eggs contain 2 milligrams of iron. If you consume eggs regularly, your iron level will be significantly increased.

– It protects vision

The egg yolks are loaded with lutein that represents a type of carotenoid, which prevent macular degeneration. It is the main reason for blindness. Lutein is also found in leafy green vegetables, but it is better absorbed from the egg yolks. The eggs yolks also are high in zeaxanthin, which is an antioxidant that prevents the vision from the ultraviolet radiation.

– It leads to loss of weight

Consuming eggs make you feel full, thus help you to limit the intake of calories during the day. It also helps you to lose weight. Eggs are rich in proteins that increase the energy levels and prevent high blood sugar as well as high levels of insulin.

You should eat three large eggs on a daily basis if you want to avoid visiting a doctor. In order to enhance the overall health, you should include eggs in your diet immediately. Make sure you also eat the egg yolk, because it is very beneficial, too.