Anyone would think that after a meal, whatever it is, we would feel satiated, but nutritionists discovered that some foods can even make you hungrier and some ‘healthy’ snacks that we eat in between meals can be just as feeble in quenching hunger such as chips or alcohol.

Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert listed five worst foods that have little nutritional value and which will make your stomach growl immediately or very soon.

Fruit salads and fruit juices

Although fruit salad or natural fruit juices are extremely healthy, you will be hungry in less than an hour and the reason for this is that this meal is not rich in fiber or protein.


This snack contains zero nutritional value, says Lambert, and it’s enriched with a number of chemicals and salt. It is known that great amount of salt promotes hunger.

Refined bakery goods

Refined carbohydrates that can be found in bakery products made from white flour, croissants and pastries, are released quickly into the bloodstream and cause a sudden increase in the amount of glucose in the blood as opposed to wholegrain products that are released slowly and so maintain a sense of satiety.


In many countries, sandwich is considered as lunch, not only brunch, and the cooked meal is consumed the evening.

However, if you thought that you’ll get enough of a sandwich, especially if it is made from white bread, you are wrong. These sandwiches have a high nutritional value, but they are full of sugars and salt.


As you may have already realized from experience, alcohol affects our brain so that it makes us even hungrier. So be careful when choosing drinks …