Eating placenta has become somewhat popular nowadays although it isn’t uncommon around the world.
Eating Placenta

So what is Placenta?

In layman terms placenta is the connection between you and your baby as it ties the developing fetus to the uterus. It is an organ that starts forming as soon as you have conceived and gradually grows throughout your pregnancy.

It feeds the developing fetus by providing it with nutrients and oxygen and at childbirth, you push the placenta out of the womb as it is no longer necessary.

There is no definite scientific proof that eating placenta helps with breastfeeding and that it cures postpartum depression. However placenta is widely known as a natural remedy for these health problems.

Actually it is considered to be beneficial for your overall health, especially for your vitality after giving birth. In fact many women swear by it, saying that eating their placenta helped them with their lactational problems and that it helped them overcome their postpartum depression.

So how do you eat it?

Some (more brave than others) eat it raw while some prefer it cooked (fried, grilled, or even in pizza and lasagna). A less controversial solution is taking a pill made of your own placenta so you don’t have to taste it but still reap the benefit from it. However before replacing your regular Sunday roast with placenta consult with your doctor first.