Why should we apply essential oils the bottom of the feet? This practice of rubbing oils to the bottom of the feet is becoming more popular, since it’s usually used in combination with foot reflexology.

Essential Oils On The Soles

There are at least 5 significant benefits of using essential oils on the soles of your feet.

The essential oils are absorbed faster through the soles

The pores on the bottom of the feet are much thicker than the rest so the legs function as straws, quickly absorbing the oils in the bloodstream. So, the presence of the oil will be detected in every cell after around 20 minutes!

The palms and feet are the only areas in the body that don’t have Sebaceous Glands.

Sebum is an oily substance that prevents the absorption of the substances in out body. And because the soles and palms do not create sebum, they can easily absorb oils. But you should not rub oils if your soles or palms are sweaty. You should first dry them so that the oils are not repulsed by the water.


All nerve endings in our body are in our feet. One research discovered that every foot has around 7200 nerve endings. In almost all systems of reflexology the big toes on the feet correspond to the head and brain. The two toes after the big one correspond to the eyes and the following two correspond to the ears.

The top area of the sole corresponds to the chest, the mid area to the digestive system and stomach. So it is not a surprise that we apply essential oils on the soles – their parts correspond to the whole body!

Less sensitivities and irritations

It is also safer to apply essential oils on the soles, since this reduces the risk of skin irritations. The skin on the feet and soles is not as sensitive as the other areas of the body so you can also use more “intense” oils including thyme, citrus oil and oregano, without diluting them.

Avoids the Liver

When you apply essential oils on the soles, they avoid the liver and will not be accumulated there. The liver will not process them and they will reach to every cell in the body unprocessed.