You may have not heard that the human body acts as a detoxifier. Namely, it detoxifies a great number of compounds and chemicals present in the body. The body’s detoxifying organ process and sort everything that we consume.

Unluckily, sometimes our bodies can be overloaded with toxins, which in turn may cause built-up. In order to prevent toxic-overloaded bodies, we should take care of what types of food we consume. Moreover, we should include herbs and cleansing food in our diet, which will help you body in the process of detoxification.


Even though most of the human organs do the process of detoxification together, there are a few organs, which are mainly responsible for the detoxification:

– Liver: the liver is the main detoxification organ in our bodies, which is the main reason why detox tea mixtures contain herbs that protect and cleanse the liver. The liver looks like an enormous sponge, which processes the food that we consume and neutralizes it.

– Lungs: when we breath in, we intake various pollutants or toxins in the blood stream and into the body. The lungs are responsible for the elimination of CO2 as waste.

– Kidneys: the kidneys also represent a filtration organ in our bodies, which cleanses and eliminates the toxins and waste from it in the form of urine.

– Skin: the skin, which is the largest human organ, detoxifies and eliminates the waste from the body in the form of sweat.

– GL tract / Bowels: if the digestive system is healthy, we urinate regularly, thus eliminating the waste from the human body. However, if the digestive system is not able to eliminate the waste on a regular basis, we may suffer from various serious health problems.

One of the most efficient ways to eliminate waste from the body is to be hydrated. You should drink at least two liters of water on a daily basis, herbal teas, as well as to consume fruit and vegetables that are loaded with water. The herbal teas are very beneficial, because they posses cleansing properties and anti-inflammatory characteristics.


You will need the following ingredients:

– A tablespoon of organic Manuka honey
– ¼ sliced fresh lemon
– A tablespoon of organic oolong tea
– 1 inch of grated or sliced, fresh ginger root
– ½ tablespoon of ground organic cinnamon

Preparation method:

In a teapot, mix all the ingredients with two cups of boiling water in a tea bag or tea strainer. Steep it for 5 – 6 minutes. It is best if you consume it immediately.


Here are several detox tea recipes, which you can drink once or twice a day. In order to be detox tea, it should consist of only organic ingredients.


– Green tea:

It contains L-theanine, which represent an amino acid that enhances brain ability and relieves anxiety. It can also be loaded with antioxidants and numerous health benefits, such as: reduced stress, weight loss, reduced blood pressure. In addition, it also is rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, which acts as antioxidants and improve the metabolism.

– Chamomile:

The chamomile has soothing effects on the digestive system and the nervous system. It soothes and relieves the muscles through the digestive tract.

– Rosehip:

Rosehip is the best source of vitamin C, which is essential for the skin and tissue health, adrenal function and the immune system.

– Hibiscus:

The hibiscus is loaded with antioxidants that help the body to eliminate the destructive molecules, which in turn cause cell damage. Moreover, it protects the body by eliminating the toxins and waste. Antioxidants also soothe inflammation, which is caused by presence of toxins in the body.

Teatox recipe 1: Hibiscus and soothing green tea

You will need:

– A teaspoon of organic green tea
– A teaspoon of chamomile flowers
– A teaspoon of organic rosehip (dried)
– A teaspoon of hibiscus (dried)

Preparation method:

1. Put all the ingredients in a teapot, strainer, or a tea bag with 2 cups of boiling water. Let it steep for 3 – 4 minutes.
2. 1 – 2 serves, even though you may combine more in order to have for the entire day.
3. Consume it, 2 – 3 times a day, with or with no food. You can add lemon juice for better taste.


– Oolong tea:

The same as the green tea, oolong tea leaves are considered to promote weight loss, thus improving the metabolism. It also contains numerous antioxidants. Oolong can be found in a few varieties and are partly oxidized, or shortly exposed to the air. The black teas are completely oxidized, which indicates that if the is oxidized 99 %, it is still oolong tea.

– Ginger root:

The ginger root stimulates the circulation, thus warming the blood and enhancing blood flow. The ginger is also very beneficial for soothing nausea or upset stomach.

– Cinnamon:

Cinnamon has great number of health benefits, including reducing anxiety and inflammation, as well as regulation blood sugar levels. Cinnamon is also very beneficial for weight loss.

– Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is loaded with vitamin C and is great digestive help, which means that it efficiently eliminates the waste from the body. Moreover, it is also believed that the lemon is also beneficial if it is consumed in warm water.

– Honey:

Honey, particularly the Manuka honey, possesses immune stimulating and antibacterial properties. In addition, it relieves sore throat and helps the digestive tract.

Teatox recipe 2: Spiced oolong tea, with lemon, ginger and cinnamon

You will need:

– A teaspoon of organic oolong tea
– One inch of ginger root (sliced or grated)
– ¼ sliced fresh lemon
– A teaspoon of organic Manuka honey
– ½ ground organic cinnamon

Preparation Method:

1. In a teapot, strainer or a tea bag, mix all the ingredients with two cups of boiling water. Let it steep for 5 -6 minutes.
2. It is most beneficial if it is served immediately.
3. You can consume it, 2 – 3 times a day, and it is better to be consumed with no food.


If you do not want to buy all the ingredients to prepare the detox teas mentioned above, and you want to try more organized detox program, you should try the 14-day or the 24-day detox program by Affect Health.

Even though most of the detox teas contain laxatives, these methods are not laxative. Despite the fact that some laxatives are essential and beneficial, the laxative components should be directed by health practitioners. In addition, laxatives may mislead the person to think that he loses weight, even though there is not a change at all.

Moreover, laxative abuse or use of laxative in the long-term may lead to bowels damage, deficiency of nutrients, physical dependency and addiction of laxative compounds.

Both the 14-day and the 24-day detox program have two detox combinations:

1. Daytime teatox: Fresh citrus

This daytime program combination consists of herbs, loose leaf tea, and powdered herbs, which enhances the strength of the combination. It should be consumed 2 times a day, usually in the morning and in the afternoon. It contains tea, like milk thistle, yerba mate, dandelion root, matcha green tea, hibiscus, lemongrass and herbs, which are intended to:

– Enhance weight loss and stimulate metabolism
– Support the liver function
– Boost up the immune system
– Increase energy levels
– Lower bloating
– Improve skin health

• Its flavor is slightly tart, fruity with citrus notes.

You will need the following ingredients:

– Organic Yerba Mate (Ilex Paragueriensis)
– Organic Orange Peel ( Citrus Sinensis)
– Organic jasmine Green Tea
– Organic Dandelion root (Taraxicum Officials)
– Organic Milk Thistle Seed powder (Silybum Marianum)
– Organic Hibiscus (Hibiscus Sabdarifffa)
– Organic Lemongrass (Cymopogon Citrates)
– Organic Schisandra Berry powder (Schisandra Chinensis)
– Organic Grade A Matcha

Note: A great number of people add more honey and / or lemon in order to heighten its flavor.

2. Night-time teatox: Spiced Mint

The night-time detox combination contains passion flower and organic valerian root, which help the body to relieve stressful thoughts and to stimulate body relaxation at night. It also contains powdered organic milk thistle seed, which supports the function of the liver.

From 45 – 60 minutes before going to bed, a cup of the night-time detox combination will:

– Improve sleep quality
– Support the function of the liver
– Reduce anxiety and stress and promote body relaxation

• Its flavor is fresh, smooth and a bit sweet, minty with warm cinnamon notes.

You will need the following ingredients:

– Organic peppermint leaf (Mentha Pepperita)
– Organic Valerian root (Valeriana Officials)
– Organic Passion flower (Passiflora Incarnate)
– Organic milk Thistle seed powder (Silybum Marianum)
– Organic Cinnamon (Cinnamonum Cassia)

To sum up, we can do a few simple things on a regular basis, like drinking a lot of water, consuming herbs that are good for detoxification, include cleansing food in our diet and try to avoid chemical and environmental chemicals and toxins in order to stimulate and promote body health.