Having clean skin means that you are in good health. Thus, skin problems are a sign that you are suffering from some health issue. Face mapping can give you a good insight of your overall health.

Face Mapping is based on the ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine that relates the skin changes to the body health. This way, it helps you diagnose the cause and provides symptoms of more dangerous health issues.

We show you how to recognize the changes on your face and check other internal health issues:

Area: Forehead

Connected to: Gallbladder, Liver

Explanation: The forehead is connected to the digestive system and nervous system activity. So, your skin problems may be caused by sluggish digestive function or stress.

Treatment: Avoid processed, fatty and sugary foods and consume fruits that contain a lot of fiber and vegetables to stimulate the digestion. Try stress-management methods, like visualization, yoga, meditation, music and exercise.

You can also cleanse the liver by drinking dandelion tea or lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water.

Area: The area between the eyebrows on the left side

Connected to: Unexpressed emotions in your spleen

Explanation: Skin problems on this area mean tha you have unexpressed emotions that have been stored in your spleen.

Treatment: Use some methods to release the old emotional energy, like guided meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, counseling or reiki.

Area: The area between the eyebrows on the right side

Connected: Unexpressed emotions stored in your liver

Explanation: The facial expressions indicate our emotional state. Skin issues or wrinkles in this area mean that you have unexpressed anger that has been stored in your liver.

Treatment: Try some anger management techniques, like yoga, reiki, counseling, keeping a diary and other efficient methods to canalize this emotion in a healthy way.

Furthermore, lower the intake of foods rich in fat and alcoholic drinks, which exert further pressure on the liver function.

Area: Eyes

Connected to: Thyroid gland, intestines, joints

Explanation: Iris discoloration can be a sign of intestinal malabsorption. Excess white color of the iris can be a sign of joint degeneration and smaller irises are connected to general joint problems. Slightly-colored rings around the iris are a sign that you are eating a lot of salt and sugar.

Treatment: Start consuming anti-inflammatory foods, such as walnuts, flaxseed, oily fish, ginger, bone broth and turmeric. Reduce the consumption of refined salt, sugar, processed foods and caffeine because they cause inflammation.

Area: Under the eyes

Connected to: Kidneys

Explanation: If you are suffering from sluggish kidney function, you may have swelling or puffy lower eyelids. If you are suffering from an impaired kidney function, you may have puffy, dark bags under your eyes.

Treatment: Drink a lot of filtered water because dehydration applies kidney pressure and impairs the most important function of filtering. Furthermore, you should try to reduce the stress and get a good night’s sleep, and avoid consuming coffee and alcohol, because they can also cause dehydration.

Area: Cheeks

Connected to: Sluggish metabolism, malabsorption and lungs

Explanation: If you have cheek discoloration, it indicates slow metabolic rate and reduced nutrient absorption.

Furthermore, issues in this area may be a sign that you have issues with the lung function.

Treatment: Try breathing techniques so you can oxygenate your lungs and increase the lung capacity. Also regularly do cardio exercises to improve the lung function and boost the metabolism.

Make sure you properly chew the food before you swallowing to reduce the pressure on the digestive system. Consumption of antioxidant-rich foods and green tea is a key to preventing such problems and protecting the skin from common air pollutants.

Area: Nose

Connected to: Cardiovascular system

Explanation: The nose is connected to the circulation, so if you are suffering from skin problems in the nose area, this can be a sign of blood pressure problems.

Treatment: Regularly eat foods that maintain the health of your heart, like nuts, tahini, avocado, flaxseeds and olive oil and fish, and try to reduce the intake of alcohol and coffee since they artificially boost your cardiovascular system.

Area: Lower lip

Connected to: Digestive system

Explanation: Pale lips can indicate anemia. The lower lip may be a sign of impaired intestine function, so if you have brown dots, it means that you may be suffering from insufficient digestive enzymes or indigestion, and overgrowth of parasites or worms in your intestines.

Treatment: Include foods rich in iron, like legumes, red mead and green vegetables, and also use a high-quality probiotic or a natural worming treatment.

Area: Tongue

Connected to: Toxin overload, Lungs

Explanation: The tongue surface, particularly in the morning once you wake up, can tell a lot about your health.

Frothiness or abration on the outside edges may be a sign of reduced lung function, and white buildup in the middle or the back of the tongue indicates excessive amount of toxins in your intestines.

Treatment: Do a detox treatment, and eat cleansing foods such as homemade juices and raw foods. Furthermore, try deep-breath meditation and some cardio.

Area: Chin

Connected to: Hormonal imbalance, Stress

Explanation: Women have probably noticed that they have blemishes on the chin during their period, and this is because the chin is the area where hormonal imbalance and stress are manifested.

Treatment: Avoid store-bought face cleaning products because they usually contain harmful toxins and chemicals which have an impact on your endocrine system.

Rather, try maca powder to promote hormonal balance. Moreover, try managing your stress and make some time to rest well.