Your feet and hands are cold even though outside is hot and you wear gloves and warm socks every single day? If this is your problem then you are probably experiencing a natural imbalance.

Feet And Hands

That is the process where the blood vessels constrict and limit the blood flow in the limb. Sometimes you feel pain and extreme cold.

This phenomenon also known as Raynaud’s syndrome is a health condition when reduction of the blood flow happens, followed by a severe pain, cold fingers, numbness etc. These are the first symptoms.

Many studies show that this symptom is very common among women. This is caused by many different reasons. It is probable that they are affected by and autoimmune disease called Lupus. Feeling cold is one of the symptoms.

Thyroid gland

If you have problems with thyroid gland it is likely that you suffer from this condition.


If you are iron deficient it will be difficult to regulate the temperature of your body. Also low levels of vitamin B can cause the problem. Other symptoms that you may be experiencing are headache and fatigue.

We recommend checking the iron levels in your blood.

In many cases women with cold feet and hands do not have any health problems.

Other reason may be unhealthy diet or insufficient sleep.

Stress can cause this symptom as well, because it enhances the production of adrenaline and that causes tighter blood vessels. That is why the circulation becomes weak.

Fatty tissues sometimes have influence over the temperature of the body. They protect our vital organs and trap the heat near them. That is why the warmth does not reach the surface of our skin and we feel cold.

First aid

You need to shake the limbs. That will make you feel better. Sometime you can do a few physical activities and you should eat healthy food. This should help you to get rid of the problem.