Not each deadly animal has threatening and fierce appearance. You may even not be aware that certain animal in your surrounding can be very dangerous.

People who live in Southwest Florida or people who want to visit this place have to be very careful and aware of the New Guinea flatworm.

It is a flatworm that was spotted in 2015 in the Miami region. Afterwards, it was discovered in a flowerpot in Cape Coral and some experts say that it managed to come to Florida with produce or plants coming from the South Pacific.

It has orange stripe and dark color. Christopher McVoy, who is an environmental scientist from Florida, said that he had seen one in his driveway.

He conducted one small research and he asked one researcher in Paris at the Museum of Natural History for his opinion and he answered that he hasn’t seen any so far north.

It is a worm which can easily infect rats and mice, that are able to pass the infection to people and this infection is extremely dangerous because can cause damage to the human’s spinal cord and brain.

That is why; you should avoid contact with it, because it can be very dangerous.

These flatworms may kill different small animals such as lizards, snails, and they can damage trees, shrubs, and other vegetation. This means they are threatening the ecosystem.

If you have seen a New Guinea flatworm in the Southwest Florida region, you should take a picture of it and you should contact the authorities.

Many researchers are trying to make everything they can in order to prevent spreading of this very dangerous animal elsewhere in the USA and Florida.