Back pain is a very common problem among people who have lack of physical activity and spend a lot of time working on their computer. Lower back pain is very common and there are a lot of people who cope with this problem that constantly increases.

The pain can happens because of an improper body posture, some overload which strains the back, or cramps which are caused by certain fatigue and tension.

If you have problem to go through the day and you feel discomfort, you should practice these simple exercises for breathing in order to relax the body and reduce the stress in the lumbar area. You will only need one minute.

1. Find the best and most comfortable position for sitting. Try to relax and close your eyes.

2. Using your tongue touch the top front teeth and rest the rip right that is behind your teeth.

3. Inhale slowly through the nose for around 4 seconds. Now hold the breath and count to 7. Slowly exhale through your mouth and count to 8. You may release a loud sound of relief, which is okay.

4. Repeat three times.

Make this 60-second stretching exercise before going to bed, especially if you sit all the time a work.

1. Lie on your stomach and lean on the elbows.

2. Raise the upper part of the body. Slowly lift the head and stay in this position for around 8 seconds. Go back in the original position and do the exercise two times.

3. Bend your knees and lie on the back. The arms should be stretched by your body. Slowly raise the pelvis and stay in straight position. Stay in this position for around 8 seconds and go back in the original posture.

4. Bend the knees and lie on the back. With your arms pull the knees towards the chest. Stay in this position for around 8 seconds and go back in the original position. Do the same exercise twice.