Check yourself carefully. This reveals one genetic predisposition which protects you from cancer. Do you have the following hair problem? No matter how long you brush your hair, there is one hair wisp which goes in its own direction no matter what you do.

You are spending a lot of hair gel, hair oil and hair spray, but nothing is effective. You are probably furious to your genes, but that gene is your guardian angel.

The scientists have found a connection between this untamed hair wisp and the genes which protect you from cancer. Namely, people who have this kind of hair wisp have the so called polarity genes.

The protein which protects from cancer is part of the family of proteins which control the DNA replication and cell self-destruction. The scientists gave this protein to insects to analyze its anti-cancer properties and discovered the appearance of untamed hair wisp.

This may be a revolutionary discovery if its accuracy is confirmed. So, next time you cannot style your hair, remember that those are the genes that protect you from cancer. In future studies, this discovery will be analyzed further, so that it can be used to create more effective chemotherapy.