Yoga is the best exercise of many people, because it offers numerous health benefits, relaxes them and soothes their mind, and also improves their mood. It was even scientifically proven that regular yoga practice increases the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system.

Improving the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system gives you relaxation and is responsible of the body mode known as ‘rest and digest’. Yoga is as efficient as, or better, than all other traditional physical exercises, and it can also reduce stress.

It also helps target the mental well-being, and help treat anxiety, memory issues and depression. Also, you will increase your awareness by doing various breathing patterns, simple gestures and meditation.

We are going to show you eight important hand mudras that can help you treat your issues. You can do them whenever you want since they won’t take much of your time and they can be performed in your home.

Mudras are hand and finger ritual gestures that can be made during pranayama (breathing techniques) or meditation. They are described in the old Buddhist and Hindu scripts and images. Still, they can involve your entire body too.

The old yogic tradition claims that these mudras direct the flow of energy throughout your body and activate various regions of the brain. They can treat various issues and promote overall health. In esoteric context, every finger is linked to one natural element, air, earth, fire, water and space (ether).

These 8 mudras will help you eliminate depression, migraines and anxiety and promote your general health:
Prana Mudra or The Mudra of the Life

This very important mudra has the ability to balance the energy of your body and to strengthen your immune system and revitalize your body. It also helps treat problems with the eyesight, insomnia, and it is very beneficial if you fast, since it reduces the hunger pangs.

How to do it: With the tips of your little and ring fingers, press the peak of your thumb, keeping the other two fingers straight. Do this mudra whenever you want during the day, and regular practice can give you a lot of energy.

Prithvi Mudra – The Mudra of Earth

The mudra of earth will help you a great deal when you are stressed out and exhausted, since it eliminates weakness, improves digestion, and speeds up circulation. Place the tips of your thumb and ring finger together, and then press them. Extend the other three fingers.

For best results, do this mudra in the mornings.

Agni Mudra – The Mudra of Fire

It’s also called Surya Mudra (or the Mudra of the Sun) and can help you treat anxiety, solve your weight problems, and improve digestion. It also stimulates your thyroid gland.

How to do it: You need to bend your ring finger and press the beginning of your thumb against the second phalanx. All the other fingers should be extended.

Do the mudra in the mornings, before breakfast while you sit. Hold the mudra for about 10 minutes, two times a day. Keep in mind not to overdo it if it is very hot.

Apanu Vaya Mudra – The Mudra of the Heart

This is an excellent mudra for those who suffered from a heart attack, because it can significantly strengthen the heart.

How to do it: Gently press the top of your thumb using the tips of your ring and middle finger. Your index finger needs to touch the starting point of your thumb and press a little, while your little finger is extended. Hold this mudra for fifteen minutes and do it daily.

Gyan Mudra – The Mudra of Knowledge

Gyan mudra increases the knowledge, enhances your concentration and also improves the memory. Also, it’s very useful if you have insomnia and it stimulates the endocrine and pituitary glands.

How to do it: This one is pretty common during meditation. Press the top of your thumb against the top of your index finger, and extend the other 3 fingers, or you can keep them a little bent. For the best results, do the mudra when you wake up, while your sit, stand, or lie down.

Varun Mudra – The Mudra of Water

It offers a number of benefits for your skin, it moisturizes it and regulates all fluids in your body.

How to do it: Slightly touch the tips of your little finger and thumb, keeping the other fingers extended.

In order to prevent becoming dehydrated, don’t press the nails of your little fingers. You can do the mudra whenever you want during the day while you sit. Avoid doing it if have asthma or some other respiratory problem.

Vayu Mudra – The Mudra of Air

Vayu mudra is great in cases of chronic rheumatic conditions, paralysis, gout, arthritis, cervical spondylitis and Parkinson’s disease. It helps release excessive air from your stomach.

How to do it: Each finger has 3 bones called phalanges (the thumb has only two).

Hold your index finger and place the starting point of your thumb against the distal phalanx (the bone that is near the top of your finger). Your thumb needs to be on your index finger and should be slightly pressing. Extend the other 3 fingers.

You can do this mudra whenever you want and hold it for about 45 seconds to alleviate your pain. Regular use can cause imbalance in your body, so do not do it when you obtain the desired effects.

Shunya Mudra – The Mudra of the Emptiness

This mudra will be especially helpful if you have hearing problems and earaches.

How to do it: Bend your middle finger and put your thumb over the finger, and push your distal phalanx (the bone that is close to the top of your finger) on your middle finger with the base of your thumb.

Stretch out the rest of your fingers. Be totally focused on alleviating the earache. Once the pain goes away, stop doing it.