One journalist from the ‘Thrillist’ portal wanted to start one odd experiment. We present you the results. He started drinking 1 gallon of water on a daily basis. 30 days later, he wrote the story, and confessed that he expected different changes, but he was surprised that this experiment changed the quality of his life a lot.

We present you the story

Day 1: New beginning. He did not know how many glasses are in one gallon of water. That is why he always took the plastic gallon bottle with him. He was aware that this would be hard, because it is a lot of water. He wanted to succeed and he concentrated on that goal and forgot about everything else.

Day 5: He urinated on every twenty minutes. Our body really needs a lot of water, because it is made of 60% water itself. But 1 gallon of water is actually a lot of water. If you want to succeed you have to drink water non-stop and it is not important if you are thirsty or not. You will eat less and you will feel fuller for a longer period of time. At the same time you will urinate more frequently. The person who started this experiment said that he urinated on every 20 minutes. Some people even thought he was a drug addict. He drank water all the time along with his alcoholic drinks and he was frequently visiting the bathroom.

Day 10: He was more beautiful. He says that he started feeling different, mostly in the morning. He noticed that he did not drink a big cup of coffee in the morning. He had more energy and felt amazing. The improvement was real and he was even looking better. Even though he was not sure if it is the placebo effect, but his skin and hair became shinier. Even though he was aware of his beauty, he still thought there were other changes as well. He said that it was difficult to carry so much water with him but he made it.

Day 15: Increased energy. He had more energy, even though he was not drinking a lot of coffee. He said that in the past he drank almost 3 cups of coffee every day and he was happy to stop this bad habit. He noticed that he was running faster as well. The quality of his sleep changed as well, and he started feeling thirsty all the time. His organism got used to the changes and he knew that nothing will be the same again.

Day 20: Everyone noticed that he was happier. The changes were endless and only one thing was the same: his visits to the bathroom. He was going to the bathroom frequently and the urine was crystal clear. His skin was clearer and healthier and he was full of energy. It may be weird for you but he was happier as well. Drinking so much water was now normal to him and became a part of his everyday life.

Day 30: Clean and free. This day was the last of his experiment. The one thing that did not change was the frequent bathroom visits. The weird thing was that he was non-stop thirsty. He was full of energy, clean and happy.

He says that one gallon of water is maybe too much to drink, but he won’t stop drinking more water in the future because water has many health benefits.

Do not start this experiment by yourself and at home. However, you should start drinking more water. Find out how much water you should drink and stick to you routine. You will notice results in one week.