Honey is the sweetest gift of nature. Also, it is among the purest foods. Nutritionists say it’s “functional food,” which means that it is natural and it has a number of health benefits. Actually, raw (non-pasteurized – never heated above the beehive temperature) honey has incredible 22 different amino acids and 27 minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and selenium. It also contains numerous vitamins like thiamin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid.

If you want nutritional digestive enzymes, it is rich in those, including diastase, catalase, invertase, glucose oxidase, inulase and acid phosphatase. Honey also contains a great number of antioxidants.

Sounds amazing, right? But not exactly. Not every jar of honey is like this.

Actually, most of the store-bought honey isn’t healthier than sugar, particularly cheap jars of honey. And many of them are made in China where the health and safety regulations are practically non-existent.

Fake honey

The division for food safety of the WHO and the European Commission and other regulating authorities, claim that in order for honey to be natural and real, it has to contain pollen.

Without pollen, FDA can’t conclude if that honey is coming from safe and legitimate sources.

And most of the store-bought honey is ultra-filtered, a process which includes exposing the high at temperatures that destroy the beneficial enzymes and nutrients, adding water in order to dilute it, and filtering it with high-pressure to remove the pollen.

This technique mirrors the Chinese manufacturing practices which exports a lot contaminated honey, and the officials can’t track their origins.

Studies at the Texas University found that 76% of the store-bought honey had no pollen at all, leaving their origins untraceable.

And worse, 100% of the honey from drugstores and single serving portions of honey served in restaurants, had also no pollen.

The study found that if you want buy an organic honey brand from a local supermarket, just 29% of them had no pollen so this is a safer option, though still a risk.

Luckily, there are easy ways to stop spending money on artificial honey.

This is how to detect fake honey

Never buy honey without reading the label. If the label says that it has added glucose and/or corn syrup with high fructose levels, this is not a real honey.

Try the honey. If you recognize tastes herbs and flowers it’s a real honey. Fake honey is only sweet, with a little “honey” flavor.

Put a drop of honey on the thumb. If the honey spreads on the thumb it’s not a pure honey because the pure one will not spread.

Add a couple of drops of vinegar in a mixture of honey and water. If it foams, the honey has been adulterated using plaster.

If the honey doesn’t “crystallize” ‘with time, it is probably fake because pure honey will become crystallized if you keep it in the fridge.

Add a couple of drops of iodine in a glass of water and add honey. If it turns blue, this means that the honey was combined with corn starch and therefore it’s not real.

Dab honey at the tip of a matchstick and then light it. If it ignites, it meant it’s pure.

Put a spoonfull of honey in a glass of water. If the hone dissolves it’s fake. Pure honey can’t dissolve in water and it will just sink on the glass bottom.

We also offer the results of brands of honey that failed the pollen tests

Brands of Honey that showed positive results for ultra-filtration

These honey brands contain no pollen.

• Clover Honey by American Choice
• Orange Blossom by Archer Farms
• Organic Honey by Archer Farms
• Organic Honey by Busy Bee
• Pure Honey by Busy Bee
• CVS Honey
• Clover Honey by Fred Meyer
• Pure Honey by Full Circle
• Clover Honey by Giant Eagle
• Clover Honey by GE
• Clover Honey by Great Value
• Haggen Honey by Natural and Pure
• Tupelo Honey by HT Traders
• Pure Clover Honey – Kroger
• Honey – Market Pantry
• 100 % Pure Honey – Mel-o
• Honey – Natural Sue Bee
• Fireweed Honey – Naturally Preferred
• Clover Honey – Safeway
• Pure Honey – Silver Bow
• Clover Honey – Sue Bee
• Bee Honey – Thrifty
• Valutime Honey
• MEL-O honey Walgreen
• Clover Honey – Wegman
• Pure Clover – Whinnie the Pooh

Source: Healthiest Alternative