Nowadays pain in the lower back is a very common health problem. It is estimated that even 80% of the population experienced lower back, lumbar pain and pain in the lower part of the spine. That is why this kind of pain is a big problem and the major reason for work absence.

Eliminate The Back Pain

This problem is also known as lumbago and the most popular name is “hexenschuss” or witch stab, that tells a lot about the sudden emergence and the character of the disease.

What Is It?

The spine is anatomically complicated and comprised of vertebrae (5 lumbar mobile, 7 cervical and 12 thoracic) cartilage rings which allow the launch of the vertebrae. It is connected with many nerves, muscles, ligaments and blood vessels that form the main body.

That’s why we have upright posture. The vertebra is arranged in a tube shape protecting canal through which the nerve roots and spinal cord of the legs and arms pass.

Our spine has different functions spine and it is exposed to continuous mechanical action of the load (train, pressure, shear, twisting, bending) that can lead to overuse.

Certain parts of our spine (thoracic, cervical and lumbar) move differently. The neck is extremely mobile, while the breast part has low mobility.

At the transition there are degenerative changes between one part of the spine to another and that causes the pain.

Risk Category

People who have physical work and people who are several hours in adverse postures, mostly sedentary job, people with some congenital anomalies after operations of the spine or injuries and old people with a degenerative process.

Prevention And Treatment

The herb comfrey that grows on fields, wet meadows and ditches near the water can help many people who have back pain. The ointment that contains the extract of this plant was successfully tested for 5 days to heal back pain completely. In the research there were 120 participants with pain in the upper and lower back.

Scientists from the German Sports University in Bonn conducted this research and the results were published in a British Journal. One explanation of the results of the research said that the extract from comfrey root is very powerful and it is also clinically proven for its effective reduction of acute pain.

The root of the plant is similar to beet and it is large. It has hairy leaves and many herbalists used it in the ancient times. Other studies discovered that comfrey can remove different types of pain and it is amazing when used in gel form for treating dislocation and pain joints in knee and osteoarthritis. However, you should not use it as a capsule or supplement, since it can be toxic for the liver.