According to some scientific findings, dates are the newly discovered super-food which protects your body against cardiovascular diseases.

Here are the benefits of consuming dates:

1. Rich in iron

Dates are great source of iron and that is why they are recommendable for children, pregnant women and people who suffer from anemia.

2. Prevent diarrhea

Dates are also rich in potassium which relieves the intestines and stimulates the development of the effective bacteria.

3. Soothe constipation

Besides relieving diarrhea, dates can relieve constipation too.

4. Control body weight

In order to prevent fat buildup, make sure you consume dates every day on an empty stomach since they are cholesterol-free. Also, note that they are rich in sugar, so be careful not to overeat.

5. Regulate cholesterol

Dates can regulate the levels of the unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) due to their ability to prevent blood clots and to cleanse the blood vessels.

6. Strengthen the heart

7. Regulate the blood tension

If you suffer from hypertension, eat dates since they do not contain sodium and are rich in potassium. In addition, 6 dates contain almost 80 mg of magnesium, a highly important mineral which improves the blood flow.

8. Prevent strokes

Due to the potassium present in dates, the regular consumption of this food can prevent strokes too.